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15 June 2010

Even Libtalker Stunned By Violent Behavior From Dem Congressman


Dem Congressman Takes Rare Heat From Libtalker

While some on the left struggle to defend the bizarre, violent reaction by a Democratic congressman to a young interviewer's streetside questions, the entrenched Beltway politico has managed to spark a rare rebuke from liberal talk radio.

As a Democrat, it takes quite a lot to generate heat from the likes of Randi Rhodes, yet Rep Bob Etheridge (D-NC) has managed to earn this dubious honor:

RANDI RHODES (10:43): Today we have a congressman from North Carolina, Bob Etheridge, who was being asked questions by that - that Breitbart guy - you know, he's got those stupid people out there all the time, hunting down people. But this guy's reaction; he's supposed to be a congressman; this guy's reaction is like so unfreaking-believable; he just - he grabs this kid, he snatches his cell phone camera out of his hands, he grabs his wrist, he refuses to let go, and he - "WHO ARE YOU? TELL ME WHO YOU ARE! I WANT TO KNOW - WHO ARE YOU WHO ARE YOU?"

And it's not a student- it's one of Breitbart's little crew, the crew guy goes, well, we're here for a project, he's working for Breitbart, and, so they're both dishonest, but at least, you know, the kid wasn't violent! So, Etheridge says uh, you know, the little operative says, let go of me, let go of me, and Congressman Etheridge, uh, grabs him by the neck!

So what kind of "bizarre" are we looking for, guys that choke guys, guys that grope male staffers, guys that sell Senate seats; guys that cry on the Senate floor, guys that cry on the House floor....

Rather than a sign of budding ideological independence from the left, this kind of display may indicate an election year salvage operation where Dems look for those who can be saved, while throwing the rest overboard. Etheridge clearly belongs in the latter group.


  • This video should be part of every campaign ad against this idiot, no matter who is running against him. This guy is a damn disgrace & should be nowhere near Capital Hill.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 15 June, 2010 20:52  

  • Looks like that good-ol' boy from North Carolina had a few too many shots of moonshine that morning.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16 June, 2010 11:23  

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