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17 June 2010

Rosie O'Donnell: Obama Handed More Difficult Issues Than Roosevelt


O'Donnell: Obama's Circumstances Beyond His Control

If there's some kind of competition underway to see which libtalker can make the nuttiest point imaginable, could someone us know? It's been quite a week.

For her bizarre assertion that Obama has been handed a more difficult set of circumstances than Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Rosie O'Donnell wins today's contest, hands down.

After all, she claims, it's not as though Obama can do anything about that nasty oil spill. It's simply beyond his control.

But did FDR personally fight in the war? Did he man the bread lines during the Great Depression? The comparison, of course, is absurd.

From yesterday's Rosie Radio:

What's next from this crazy bunch? We can't wait.


  • Imagine my surprise.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 June, 2010 17:53  

  • And, this producer wasn't sure that the President during WWII was FDR!?!?!

    Why is anybody listening to these people?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19 June, 2010 13:29  

  • This woman is mentally ill, she should be wearing a helmet. Every time she says anything, it's crazier then the nonsense she said the time before. Personal note, as a longtime subscriber to XM Satellite radio, I'm helping pay for this drivel. Thanks Mel.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 22 June, 2010 19:40  

  • To be fair, FDR did have one advantage that the 'Bamster lacks: By the time Pearl harbor was bombed, there was no longer any meaningful overt opposition to his right. The AMERICAN MERCURY, SATURDAY EVENING POST and READER'S DIGEST were still publishing, still right-leaning, but they had pretty well ceased direct broadsides against the man and his policies, turning instead to assaults on his theoretical underpinnings with scant mention of the man by name (it's no coincidence that RD produced the massive hit condensed version of THE ROAD TO SERFDOM in this period).

    As such, Roosevelt really had free reign during the war, with no organized opposition. Even his 1944 Republican "opponent" endorsed FDR's policies and conduct of office. Roosevelt had dictatorial-in-all-but-name-only powers to quell any popular resistance. He had total control of business and entertainment thanks to rationing and regulatory authority.

    The fact is, Obama does in fact have things worse -- but he's trodding his way down the path to no resistance that FDR first paved seven decades ago. If he succeeds, mass dissent will soon again become illegal and impossible.

    By Anonymous ykw, at 27 June, 2010 03:09  

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