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08 July 2010

Media Matters Smear Machine: We'll Get Rush Limbaugh Soon Enough!


'Progressive' Foes: We're Waiting For Next 'Racist' Remark

With a critical election fast approaching, it's no surprise that Rush Limbaugh's "progressive" foes are waiting for an opportunity to take him down once and for all.

After all, it's about more than just partisan politics: the Smear Machine needs money to keep operating and that requires bona fide results. As Media Matters has yet to truly score a major victory (beyond the temporary derailment of Don Imus), capturing the big trophy has become essential for survival. Damaging or destroying Limbaugh's career would be worth millions to the group responsible for pulling it off.

While none of this is a mystery, this interview of the organization's Karl Frisch by libtalker Stephanie Miller provides unusually candid insight into how they expect to destroy Limbaugh's career:

KARL FRISCH (8:05): You have to wait every couple of weeks for Rush Limbaugh. I don’t know if he goes off his medication or something, but for him to get really down in the dirt racist, it only happens every couple of weeks, whether its bend over and grab her ankles cause his father was black, or calling him (Obama) a Halfican American, or playing Barack the Magic Negro, that stuff doesn’t happen every day.

But it’s as if there’s a little beaker inside of Rush Limbaugh that fills up with racist venom until it just can’t take it anymore and it explodes all over the place.

STEPHANIE MILLER: You’re right his blow-out preventer is faulty in that sense.

As regular Limbaugh listeners know, however, these controversies are almost always manufactured by political enemies, created through the misrepresentation of his words to fit their agenda. So will they actually wait for him to say something controversial, or will the next flap simply be made up?

We'll know soon enough.


  • It's obvious these idiots at Libtalker and Media Matters don't listen to Rush. Otherwise they would know there isn't a racist bone in his body! If they are so concerned about a piece called "Barack the Magic Negro". They should take it up with the LA Times where it first appeared in print by a typically racist democrat newspaper. "Barack the Magic Negro" Was recorded as satire and demonstrates the hypocrisy of the left. Its ok for Joe Biteme Biden to call Obummer clean and articulate. But when a conservative points out the racist remarks of a democrat the left bashes the conservative. Well this isn't going to play anymore. Wait till November when all of these typically marxist / communists in the democrat party are voted out of office.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 July, 2010 03:09  

  • What you idiots would seeze on would actually help. You see, what you see as wrong with America is not what we see. We see people like you as bad for America.

    So whatever you espouse as bad will actually be good for conservatives. So go ahead and point out all the bad you see because it will only help our cause.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 July, 2010 06:36  

  • Barak The Magic Negro...
    I love that song! Do they not know that it is in respone to a lib columnist that was writing about Obama? Why not refute him on ideas and facts instead of making things up and trying to "take him down" Why? Because they can't

    By Blogger suzieq, at 08 July, 2010 07:12  

  • One thing to say: You folks are idiots. No one believes you and no one cares what you say or think.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 July, 2010 07:32  

  • I quote the comment in the movie "Taken", when Liam Neeson's character replays the tape over and over of the terrorist's response. Neeson's character tells the terrorist that if he lets his daughter go, nothing will happen to him. If he doesn't release her, the father will track down and find the kidnapper. In response, the terrorist says: "good luck". To Media Matters, I say: "Good Luck". I doubt if they have the same substance as does Neeson's movie character.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 July, 2010 10:21  

  • We been watching the democrats intentionally FLOOD the US with Mexicans.Democrats know Mexicans and blacks want the hard earned money that traditional Americans have earned.So the Mexicans and blacks will vote for Obama.What these idiots is going to see is a REVOLUTION and destroy these communist democrats and their paid liars in the media.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 July, 2010 12:48  

  • We should hire PI's to delve into all of these people and expose their nasty privates!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 July, 2010 12:54  

  • Of course the anti American Media Matters wants to score with Rush, but the problem is finding enough stupid people to believe them. Although after the last election it would appear that America does have it's fair share of idiots. So one never knows. They might get it done.

    By Anonymous Watson Forrest, at 08 July, 2010 13:41  

  • Morons to left of me.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 July, 2010 17:06  

  • It kills me that racist left wingers & organizations such as Media Mutters point out the so-called "racism" of conservatives like Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh uses the left's own racist mutterings to expose them for the sheer bigots they really are. The sheer hipocrisy of the un-American left & the Leftocrat Party is breath-taking and as vast as the universe. The truly sad thing is black America continues to put these racists in office election after election. If slavery was made legal again the plantation owners would ALL be far-left & members of the Leftocrat Party. No ifs, ands, or buts about it! The un-American left invented racial discrimination & it was the Leftocrat Party with leftist idiots like Bull "hit 'em with the fire hoses" Connor, Orville Faubus, & George Wallace who were AGAINST black Americans having equal rights! No leftist history revision will alter this truth! Try hard as they may, the un-American left & Leftocrat Party will forever be linked to racial discrimination in this country's history. Anyone who believes the left's revisionist history is a fool & is deluding themself. The un-American left & the Leftocrat Party should stop worrying about Rush Limbaugh & take a good look at their own discriminatory acts, past & present! There are plenty to choose from! Racist, thy name is leftist!

    By Anonymous LIBSTOMPER, at 11 July, 2010 13:44  

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