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08 July 2010

MSNBC Libtalker Blasts Obama: 'Maybe This Just Isn't My Gig'


Schultz Wonders Out Loud If Obama Wants To Be President

MY, how times have changed!

Just six months ago, would a MSNBC host even ponder the idea of Obama as a poor fit for the presidency? Until quite recently, the mere suggestion that he might not seek a second term would be dismissed as right-wing nonsense.

But libtalker Ed Schultz has gone much further than many conservatives in openly questioning Obama's desire to serve in office. From yesterday's syndicated radio show:

SCHULTZ (05:31): Now it pains me, this is not a compliment, it is an observation, Bush just always kept coming at us. And as a liberal, every time I turned around this guy was coming at me. Bush was always uptempo and Bush was always enthusiastic and I did, I guess it is a compliment, I did somewhat say, you know, that guy, he keeps going after it, whether it's conviction or show time or whatever it is, however you want to view it. But President Obama in this commercial that Boehner put out left me with the impression, you know, I wouldn't be surprised if this guy decides on his own he doesn't want to run again.

SCHULTZ (07:07): I have a sense that he's thinking, you know what, maybe this isn't my gig. Maybe this is just a huge pain in the ass. Maybe, maybe I'm not the guy.

Though the remarks were confined to his radio program, it's hard to believe Schultz is sticking his neck out without some level of approval from the suits at MSNBC. Has the left-wing cable talk channel decided to sacrifice the embattled president to save what's left of its own credibility?


  • Nah, I think Obama will run because he is such a narricist. In Obama's mind, he thinks he is perfect and the world revolves around him.
    though it is interesting that Schultz is saying that.

    By Blogger Dan, at 09 July, 2010 02:38  

  • Obama likes AF1, travel and campaigning but hates governing which is why he has many czars who are responsible for various sections of policy. In 2012 his kenyan birth may prevent him getting on some state's ballot plus debt will be astronomical ready for a dollar collapse.

    By Blogger mascmen7, at 09 July, 2010 13:42  

  • Gee, you think so? Everyone knew that this guy wasn't ready for prime time. He has never done anything in his life that would have qualified him to be the leader of the free world. His radical behavior is a danger to this nation and threatens to tear it apart for years.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09 July, 2010 21:19  

  • Obama couldn't run a hotdog cart.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09 July, 2010 23:04  

  • Someone must have spiked Special Ed's LSD with some methamphetamine. Actually Oilbama doesn't want to be POTUS. He wants to become grand high exalted dictator ala Chavez or Castro. Oilbama is about Oilbama & nothing else. Why do you think the big phony conservative in Philly, Michael Smerconish likes Oilbama so much. They have so much in common. They are both in love with themselves & their egos know no bounds. They both also utterly suck at their chosen professions

    By Anonymous LIBSTOMPER, at 10 July, 2010 13:13  

  • PMSNBC has credibility? Who knew?

    If true, then pigs are flying somewhere.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10 July, 2010 19:42  

  • Obama spent 2 years & over $500 million to get elected, & he's never at The White House unless it's Wednesday night & it's party night. He is on a perpetual world tour, & he has to travel because he can't govern, because he does'nt know how. Obama has no buisiness being President, but the people elected this fool, & were stuck with him.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 12 July, 2010 08:23  

  • The left has smartened up and decided that just because they agree with someone philosophically doesn't mean he's automatically a good executive. They're cutting their losses before he does too much damage to their cause and are preparing the way for Hillary to challenge him. (Not that I think she'll be much better - but they do.)

    By Anonymous jpviy, at 12 July, 2010 17:40  

  • Ed is way behind the curve--as usual. Here is my prediction from 11/22/09 w/$100 bet on it with a leftist blogger ( ):

    "Obama won't run in 2012 because reality is too hard for him. He no longer is insulated from it by an endless parade of ultraleftists shepherding him inorganically through life. From one protectorate to another. An anti-American relay team passing him as a baton to a Progressive finish line with a complicit Media creating an historic feel-good facade for the disengaged."

    By Blogger Joe C., at 14 July, 2010 10:47  

  • The stanky BO SHOULD should say, 'I believe I'll ponder on MY eternity now that I've left office in November." WHAT??? Haven't you always left office?? HawrHawr Democrat wiggerz never do a good enuff job as Sarah Palin. Why? They don't fear God. They think they can be separate from God in their decision makin. That's EXACTLY why the Abyss of Misery is below --- May the Almighty God of our ancestors flagrantly bless you profusely, my friend, and may you Wiseabove unto thy Heavens to have freedom forever. Just as I love Jesus, my brother, so I bestow upon thee, just and worthy liege, the same. You're a mortal, huh? Me, too. How cool is that? JUSTORUM ANIMAE IN MANU DEI SUNT ET NON TANGENT ILLOS TORMENTUM MORTIS (Latin: The just man shall be in everlastin remembrance). Be at peace.

    By Blogger -blessed holy socks, the non-perishable-zealot, at 18 July, 2010 12:50  

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