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18 August 2010

Liberals Gloat As Dr Laura Show Ends


After Big Victory, Left Ready To Target Other Talkers



After scoring a major victory in their battle for talk radio censorship, "progressive" groups are now poised to take down as many hosts as possible. The cows are officially out of the barn. Moo!

In the wake of Dr Laura Schlessinger's sudden departure from broadcasting, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Michael Savage, Laura Ingraham and dozens of other talkers could be next to face the axe.

Sadly, the far-left parasites at Media Matters have won this battle by default as conservatives strangely chose to sit out the fight. Now, with champagne corks popping, they can celebrate as major contributions from billionaires fill their coffers.

The gloating is obvious to anyone visiting the smear organization's website, where it is made clear Laura blames them for her departure. And taking the cake in that department are the fringe extremists at, where the headline reads "we stopped Dr Laura".

Here's what Schlessinger told CNN:

"My contract is up at the end of the year, and I have made the decision not to do radio anymore," Schlessinger said. "The reason is, I want to regain my First Amendment rights. I want to be able to say what is on my mind."

As longtime host
Melanie Morgan noted at her website late Tuesday evening:

Another conservative voice silenced? You bet. Liberals will be claiming her scalp, and it will be sickening to watch in the next few hours and days ahead.

What was the right thinking in avoiding this battle?

Even more peculiar is how Dr Laura was actually defended at least in part by several leftists at Huffington Post and elsewhere. Clearly, however, Schlessinger got the message she'd get no backing from conservatives and threw in the towel after 30 years of leading the fight against cultural decay in America.

Who can blame her for being disgusted?

From here, "progressives" now have more than one way to skin a cat: they can wait for the next Gotcha Game opportunity to pounce on individual talk hosts, knowing conservatives have shown they aren't ready for battle.

The second approach toward censorship is internal: with station managers typically on the left, lineups can be slowly watered-down until all traces of right-leaning programming have gone missing.

For an alarming example, just look to Tuesday's news that the Air America radio exec who saw the lefty network through to its demise has just been hired to run WMAL / Washington, a key affiliate for Limbaugh, Hannity and Levin in the nation's capital. Already, one influential regional broadcast industry site is calling on the programmer to remove conservatives and add failed libtalkers to the lineup.

For now, conservatives are so far behind in this war that it's hard to see how the "progressive" left can fail. Is it really too late?


  • The demise of conservative radio is the fault of the conservative talkers themselves!! Since this has become an ego issue no one will stand up to defend a fellow talker for whatever reason , Dr. Laura is syndicated by TRN so that means Limbough Hannity Back etc cant talk about her ...... Same was when Savage was banned from the UK. I know Savage is and was badmouthing them before, but to ignore the assault on free speech by a free nation was wrong!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 August, 2010 01:44  

  • This is hardly the first time Dr. Laura has gotten the short end of the stick. Remember that after 9/11, a sizable amount of her affiliates dropped the show to take a chance on the newbie, Glenn Beck. (Most talk stations on the Eastern Seaboard aired her in tape-delay, 9AM-12PM, so the parting was mutual.)

    As a result, Dr. Laura lost a lot of stations in such a short time (one of the few stations that kept her show the whole time - and still airs her to this day - is WJR/Detroit), and eventually was dropped by Premiere Radio Networks (TRN only manages distribution for her now-self syndicated show now)

    As for WMAL, they've been under the shadow of all-news WTOP for over a decade. Plus, they've made some rather horrid programming blunders, especially in the morning-drive slot. And that was BEFORE Bill Hess (who was most successful programming a soft-rock station in DC) even set eyes at WMAL. That station is in an obvious, and severe, decline right now; hiring Hess only added napalm to that fire, IMO.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 August, 2010 02:22  

  • I am not surprised.

    I fully expect the left, as well as Muslims, Illegal immigrants-invaders-tresspassers-moochers, and homosexuals, to have their way in pushing all their offensive, insensitive agenda through, and in silencing dissent and disagreement.


    By Blogger Unknown, at 18 August, 2010 05:02  

  • The left can claim victory all they want. Bottom line is that Dr. Laura stepped in her own steaming pile 11 times and she is rightly paying the price for it. Not hard for me to wave bye-bye on this one.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 August, 2010 08:34  

  • "Already, one influential regional broadcast industry site is calling on the programmer to remove conservatives and add failed libtalkers to the lineup."

    The main reason conservative radio is successful is ratings that translate into revenue. Air America failed the first time because no one listened, and rightly so. If the station wants to recommit suicide then so-be-it.

    By Anonymous George, at 18 August, 2010 09:32  

  • Many on the right are saying good riddance to Dr Laura, calling her obnoxious and boring though some defend her for her stand on morals
    and she did have quite a few stations and won a Marconi award.

    Stations need not have high ratings to do well; if they go after a good demographic they can make money (with conservative talk) even with so-so ratings.
    Though if there's enough bleeding in the ratings and times are tough, maybe changes could be in the offing for a station like WRKO

    By Blogger raccoonradio, at 18 August, 2010 12:27  

  • Early on, several of the Air America shows, especially Al Franken's, got fairly good ratings on WLIB in NYC(this was a coincidental set of call-letters; they existed LONG before Air America came along)which ran a solid boosted-by-an-efficient-directional-antenna 10,000 watts days on 1190. According to some info on the New York Radio Message Board, WLIB achieved ratings in the area of 2.0 or more Monday through Friday, sometimes approaching the shows on WOR-AM 710. Five-thousand-watt WXKS-AM 1430 near Boston also got a whole integer to the left of the decimal point, something its 50,000-watt incarnation in the middle of the dial has so far failed to do. General Petraeus on "Meet the Press" referred to the Taliban as "ultra-extreme-right-wing conservatives" so I'd like to utilize the term in reference to the "ultra-extreme-right-wing conservative" talk show hosts and their acolytes who are hoist on their own petard when they say that left-wing programming can't garner an audience and then claim that NPR leans left. Now PPMs include public radio outlets, and they are among the ratings leaders in PPM markets.

    By Anonymous Laurence Glavin, at 18 August, 2010 13:17  

  • You all just don't want to face up to the facts. America has no Constitution anymore. No bill of rights. It has Obama, Polosei, Reid with their socialist Marxist agenda.
    The Nation is lawless. Once you read things into a Constitution without popular consent , even by a Judiciary. You have annulled the document.
    As Mugabe runs Zimbabwe , so Obama rules America with his other two stooges in the Capitol Building.
    Look around you ,. Than ask if you are more free today than even 2 years ago.
    The USA is in denial of this socialist coup.
    Race is there spear. Division their Armour. Silence but a shield. Particularly with a compromised Media & academia.
    Where now ruled by an Oligarchy for themselves not the Citizens of the United States of America.
    Obama is the Anti-President. Suing Arizona a State Say's it all. If not his nauseating put downs on Americans every day.

    By Blogger Revnant Dream, at 18 August, 2010 16:05  

  • So, who "took down" Air America? Conservatives, or a message that no one listened to?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 August, 2010 18:58  

  • I'm more conservative than Limbaugh, Hannity and Savage combined. However, I could not stand Dr. Laura! She was obnoxious, rude and arrogant. Yes, so is Savage. However, Savage isn't handing out psychological advice. (Plus, rudeness seems to be more irritating coming from a woman.)

    Irony #1: WJR in Detroit did not have ONE SINGLE COMPLAINT about the incident. Hmmmm....

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 August, 2010 20:49  

  • Let the lefties gloat. They have no audience for their pathetic attempts at talk radio!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 August, 2010 21:21  

  • The real problem with Dr. Laura is that she lacked the support of evangelical Christians, the bedrock of American conservatism. Her topless photos that surfaced on the internet may have not been as much a problem had their been true Christian repentance accompanying them, but Dr. Laura, who liked to boast of having the best of all worlds since she was baptized (apparently as an infant) and that she later converted to Judaism, seems spiritually confused, at best. Sorry, but walking away from Jesus Christ is not the way to gain support from Christian America, assuming she ever really knew Him in the first place.

    I may not agree with Sean Hannity's Catholic faith, nor with Glenn Beck's involvement with the Mormon church, but neither has ever displayed Laura Schlessinger's flighty lack of understanding of our Messiah, nor her lack of grace.

    While I applaud Dr. Laura's call for women to return to our natural roles as mothers and wives, she may have been the wrong messenger for the right message.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18 August, 2010 22:30  

  • conservative radio = Propaganda.

    By Anonymous Anonymous One, at 19 August, 2010 02:47  

  • Wow...liberals are "proud" of silencing a critic? How cute...they are going to LOVE it when they're all shot in firing squads by the goose stepping government. The only thing keeping the socialists from taking (complete) control are the hard working Conservatives. Once we're gone, do they think the government will actually allow them to have a voice?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19 August, 2010 08:22  

  • I'm not a fan of Dr. Laura, but I would support her in this matter. The "N" word is often thrown aroung by Blacks and they wonder why others refer to them in the same manner. If you don't want that word around then don't use it.
    This whole thing sounds like a conspiracy, by the left, to "get" a talk show host.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19 August, 2010 10:13  

  • >>So, who "took down" Air America? Conservatives, or a message that no one listened to?

    "Down with corporations! Down with capitalism! We'll be right back, right after these...public service

    As for the N-word I'd like announce that I think my people use "honky" as a term of endearment amongst ourselves, but if you use it and you aren't white,
    you're a racist...

    As for Boston prog. talk which does NOT show up in the ratings, why would libs even want to do libtalk on commercial radio? They have _taxpayer-funded_ NPR which does well. So, who needs to do
    commercial radio when you have that?

    By Blogger raccoonradio, at 20 August, 2010 14:57  

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