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12 August 2010

Libtalker Blasts Conservative Critics Over Violent Rhetoric Complaint


Without Us, Who'd Pay Attention To Libtalk?

Sure enough, our libtalk friends admit it's all a game.

Desperate for attention, they'll say or do anything to generate much-needed publicity. If that requires threatening political opponents, so be it.

And if we add a silly element such as gender-reassignment to the mix, that excuses the remainder of our kooky rant, right?

How dare those right-wing "morons" take the bait and object to our drunken violence fantasies:

STEPHANIE MILLER (3:53): Can I speak of my love for Aisha Tyler. She rocks the free world. So she’s on the radio show yesterday and then we’re on Larry King again last night. Hi-larious, first of all, we set off the right-wing moron alert system again. At this point it’s just a game, isn’t it?

We were like daring them yesterday, Hal and sure enough we’re all over the right wing web sites because they don’t get the joke so much is what the difficulty is. That Radio Equalizer guy.

LAVOIE: Yeah Brian Mul Muldoney or something.

MILLER: Yes that I heard Aisha and I made the big time and it went viral all over the Fox web sites and whatever.

SPARKS: Really?

MILLER: Yes because we’re violent liberals.

LAVOIE: Oh, how are you violent?

MILLER: Well, because Aisha Tyler said she wanted to kick Rush Limbaugh in the vagina.

LAVOIE: Oh and Michelle Malkin in the nuts.

MILLER: In the nuts yes and so but anyway hilarious like so we were just like laughing our asses off in hair and makeup over this and going and she goes ‘oh yeah right I’m threatening violence over imaginary body parts they don’t even have.’

Here, Michelle Malkin wonders whether these would-be feminists are proud of their vulgar humor.

Here's the real joke: without "right-wing web sites", no one would be writing about perpetually-struggling libtalkers and E-list lefty actresses. When was the last time Huffington Post or another "progressive" outfit took a break from the nonstop smear-fest and paid them some attention?

This site was often accused of attempting to destroy the ill-fated Air America Radio network, but in retrospect, we probably prolonged its life through continued attention it wasn't getting elsewhere.

But a lack of press and low ratings doesn't mean we should ignore their crazed outbursts, especially when conservatives are so frequently accused of promoting "hate radio".


  • Brian, I always loved to read your postings on talk radio ratings with all the breakdowns in great detail, dono why you stopped, i wish you'll continue with it like you did until 3 years ago.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12 August, 2010 17:28  

  • Obviously, presenting all right-wing talk is the sure road to ratings success. Look at the surge in WXKS-AM's ratings since the spring. Oh wait, there hasn't been one. It's almost time to place a comment on "Save WRKO" because that outlet is sinking beneath the waves, looking up at WTKK, both interms of raw rating and cume.

    By Anonymous Laurence Glavin, at 12 August, 2010 17:45  

  • WWZN doesn't show at all.

    By Blogger raccoonradio, at 13 August, 2010 04:13  

  • Oh: And on boston-radio-interest someone posted that Bob Kraft/Pats may buy 1510 and put ESPN and the Revs on there. What becomes of
    prog talk?

    By Blogger raccoonradio, at 13 August, 2010 04:16  

  • Where's Che Hashhole joining in on the Conservative Hatefest?

    By Blogger PCD, at 13 August, 2010 09:25  

  • btw Notfunnie Miller came out of the closet on last Fri's show acc to Tom Taylor/ though he said most people prob knew that anyway.

    By Blogger raccoonradio, at 16 August, 2010 09:38  

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