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19 August 2010

Media Matters Enjoys Censorship Victory Lap


Media Matters Goons Relish Victory Over Free Speech

More obnoxious than an eco-friendly Sun Chips bag, the sound of Media Matters celebrating its victory over free speech ought to alarm radio listeners everywhere. After finally bagging its first talk show host, Dr Laura Schlessinger, the fringe-left censorship activists took time to gloat.

Listen as the organization's Eric Boehlert makes clear bumping off Laura is just the beginning in light of talk radio's "summer of hate". Who's next: Rush Limbaugh? Sean Hannity? Mark Levin? Any number of others?

From yesterday's Randi Rhodes Show:

RANDI RHODES (33:33): So let's go to that 'special interest group's' senior fellow, Eric Boehlert, from Media Matters; you bastard! How dare you silence her! (laughs)


RHODES: (laughs) What is the deal with her? For a relationship expert -


RHODES: She doesn't really take any responsibility for her behavior, doesn't she?

BOEHLERT: No - she seemed to have uh packed up and gone home very quickly -

RHODES: Yeah, for her long-term contract that's expiring a year and a half after she signed it!

BOEHLERT: Nobody took away her First Amendment rights, all right; she had the First Amendment rights to say whatever she wants on TV and TV and radio; and if she wants to uh suggest that people not marry out of their race and suggest black people have a chip on their shoulder; and suggest black activists are trying to serve racial discord in the country; she did in that long diatribe - she did all those things, not to mention the n word - she has every right to do it, and Media Matters and people who are offended have the First Amendment right to-to highlight that, and to highlight that to advertisers. Look - you know - conservatives love to talk about the free marketplace and how it cures everything!

RHODES: Yes! I pointed that out!

BOEHLERT: We should leave everything to the free marketplace - well, we did

RHODES: We did!

BOEHLERT: She was losing advertisers a lot, and at a pretty rapid pace, so the free marketplace came to work in this case.

RHODES: Eric, you know, at Media Matters, you track a lot of hate speech, you know, and you keep an eye on it, and you let everybody, you know, listen to clips and uh -

BOEHLERT: Yeah; we don't doctor things like Andrew Breitbart and what not!

RHODES: Oh, and by the way I must tell you that Radio Equalizer (whoever the hell Brian Maloney really is) uh is saying that you are a far-left parasite and giving you credit for winning this battle by default because, he said, conservatives strangely close - chose to sit out the fight now - now why would that be? (laughs)

BOEHLERT: Right. Not many people came to um, Dr. Laura's aid, that's for sure; I mean, we saw a couple of right-wing bloggers I think, because they are instinctively anything that Media Matters does they are opposed to, so they sort of instinctively came to her side. She's not part of the right-wing blogosphere in terms of politics and stuff; but, as you say, the right-wing stuff seeps into her show, she's been notoriously sort of anti-gay over the years...

RHODES: Right!

BOEHLERT: Um, so that's really the problem. Oh it's so offensive, she must be giving an - have an advice show and she's just like taping these sort of hateful, race-baiting talking points that we've seen popping up all over the place this summer. And now we've gotta hear this on an advice show?

Are conservatives ready to sit out the next battle and watch this happen all over again? Let's hope a key lesson has been learned.


  • Whoa...wait a minute. "Eco friendly Sun Chips bag"? That was almost an attempt at humor. It was funnier on the "Colbert Report".

    By Anonymous Laurence Glavin, at 19 August, 2010 13:07  

  • And at the same time they will blast anyone protesting the mosque.

    By Blogger Auntie Em, at 19 August, 2010 14:27  

  • C'mon down to Arizona and see me
    at 300 S Kolb road.

    In preparation for hordes of immigrants from the midwest and northeast I've locked n loaded


    By Blogger Unknown, at 19 August, 2010 15:50  

  • She bumped herself off ot the radio. Let's try not to lose sight of that. They are just riding the wave of her leaving.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 19 August, 2010 18:00  

  • A couple of things...

    First off, kudos to Randi Rhodes for being sober enough to make it on the air without smashing her teeth on the curb on her way to the studio.

    Then we have MediaMatters, an organization that owes it's existance to the fact that it's funded by a Jewish Nazi Collaborator. Say it with me, George Soros...

    ...there is a video of a 60Minutes interview Soros did with Steve Croft, but it has been scrubbed from YouTube. Also it's nice to know that MSNBC would go off the air if MediaMatters goes away.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 19 August, 2010 18:09  

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