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24 August 2010

MSNBC Libtalker: Mosque Opponents Are 'Aryans'


In A Single Hour, Libtalker Provides Two Doozies

Is Ed Schultz really a political pundit, or does he merely play one on TV?

As animated as ever, MSNBC's answer to Sylvester The Cat delivered a couple of doozies during yesterday's syndicated radio program. In his attempt to outdo even the most over-the-top rhetoric from pro-Islamist "progressives", Schultz hatefully labeled Ground Zero Mosque opponents "Aryans".

Considering how surveys indicate overwhelming opposition to the proposal (as many as 77% of voters), that's quite an inflammatory charge.

Then, later in the hour, Big Eddie laughingly channeled Ted Kennedy in confusing Obama with Osama.

What a day! Here's the audio:

ED SCHULTZ (10:14): You have a diverse crowd over here and you have a bunch of frustrated whiteys over here and that's what they are! It is an Aryan crowd, is it not? I mean, it's a Caucasian crowd over there so concerned about the mosque!

SCHULTZ (11:05): Now we've got a bunch of folks out there scared that the Islamic Islam [yes, the 'Islamic Islam'] is taking over America and we all have to worry about it.


ED SCHULTZ (51:57): Don't they have the wrong target? Shouldn't they be more concerned about bringing people to justice? Shouldn't they be more concerned about Obama and his lieutenants running around the hills of Afghanistan, that we just can't seem to 'cuff the guy?

Remember, it's a liberal calling for Obama in cuffs here, so don't blame the right.

Keep up the great work, Ed, our sinister plan to install a fake libtalker to destroy the movement from within has exceeded even the most optimistic expectations.


  • Aryans? like a typical liberal they use words that they have no idea about. does this mean that Freddie Mercury would have been protesting?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 August, 2010 06:26  

  • I've had emails with Ed Schultz in the past. The guy is a total nincompoop. I do watch him from time to time because watching him go through the motions of being a news pundit is hilarious. The guy is so over the top with his rants on evil Republicans that you can't help yourself but laugh at him. I wish he would continue to give advice which should be implemented by the Democrats so that the changeover in seats from DEM to GOP would break the 100 mark. He once in a while suggests that he might run for office in South Dakota. We can only hope that he does... because America needs the belly laughs.

    By Anonymous Gear4War, at 25 August, 2010 10:08  

  • Does this moron know that the Afghanis, Iranians and Iraqis are Aryans? BTW, the ancient Sanskrit word "Aryan" translates "of noble birth." Hmmm. Is Eddie anti-Aryan? Where is the Aryan Anti-Defamation League on this hater and racist racial profiler?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 August, 2010 13:45  

  • I despise all of the msnbc crowd, but this guy takes the prize for the number 1 A-hole on the network. Where in the hell do they get these people? He reminds me of the drunk at the end of the bar in an Irish pub that everyone laughs at, but no one talks to.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 August, 2010 18:36  


    Shultz is not only a left wing lunatic and as obese as algore!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 August, 2010 18:46  

  • They only put Ed on msnbc to make straight white males look stupid...

    By Blogger Johnny, at 25 August, 2010 19:00  

  • Ed Shultz is straight?

    Are you sure?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 August, 2010 20:12  

  • Who is Ed Shultz?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 August, 2010 20:24  

  • Look up Ed's history. Ed was a "conservative" until he started getting laid by a liberal chick. (Even Ed can get laid by a liberal chick.) Since then he has been overcompensating.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 August, 2010 21:33  

  • The word Iran is the Persian word for land/place of the Aryan.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 25 August, 2010 22:38  

  • Wow! After listening to this guy talk I wonder what has happened to America. It is truly sad when the media starts making excuses to try to justify the actions of a faith that allows violence towards non believers. I guess someone needs to explain to him that most Americans were brought up in Christian homes with God as a foundation not Allah!!! I did not grow up beating women, nor stoning children for any reason. As far as my family is concerened we will never bow to Allah. Allah is a false God!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 26 August, 2010 01:46  

  • I oppose the ground zero mosque and am hardly "Aryan" My mom is Mexican and Cherokee indian and my dad is Scotch/English.Not much "Aryan" there!

    By Blogger sofacat79, at 26 August, 2010 04:33  

  • hey ed isnt it bin laden not obama

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 26 August, 2010 06:46  

  • Careful people there are extremists lurking behind every corner. I once opened my cupboard to get some cereal and an extremist jumped out! How do I know he was an extremist? He was wearing a t-shirt with a US flag and said he was a proud American.

    Beware! Beware! Check under your beds before you sleep those proud Americans.. err extremists are out to get you.

    By Anonymous Morlock, at 26 August, 2010 10:52  

  • It's a very hard choice to make about who is the bigger a- hole. We have Keith ,Madow and Big Ed. Now how can anyone say who is the bigger Moron. I mean they all sound like the Village idiot. I think to be a reporter on MSLDS you a required to compete with each other and show which one can display the most hate for the majority, Palin, Bush,or anyone who said a single word in opposition to their Almighty leader BHO. Our first Black Commander and thief.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 26 August, 2010 10:56  

  • To all those religionists, religious right wingers, and others who are afraid of armageddon, apocalypse, mayan prophecies, etc. don't you realize we are there now. Can you not see the chaos, the greed exhibited by the rich and powerful, banks and politicians, the racists participating in hate crimes and religious intolerance, parents killing their children sons and others killing indiscriminately, border states' residents killing undocumented workers and leaving them in the desert so the animal predators can destroy all evidence of their crimes, for profit prisons making money off human suffering. Can you ask yourself how much worse is it going to get? What about drug wars and kidnapping in Mexico and people killing their fellow citizens in Africa? Can you not see trouble coming to the US when individuals are arming themselves with weapons that have no other use but to kill people? September 1, 2010

    By the way, I find Ed Schultz one of the most intelligent and caring of all the tv commentators. At least he does not lie nor makes up stories.

    By Anonymous Star Wolf, at 01 September, 2010 20:24  

  • If you “find Ed Schultz one of the most intelligent and caring of all the TV commentators”, you must have an IQ in the single digits, and drink that cool aid. Can you be sure about big Ed not being a liar? He is a lib isn’t he? His lips move don’t they? What you meant to say was, “At least he does not lie nor makes up stories like our president, Barack Hussein, I can’t spend it fast enough Obama.”

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 31 October, 2010 07:50  

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