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27 August 2010

MSNBC's Schultz: 'I Want To Lift My Leg' On Fox


Big Eddie Derailed Long Ago, Now Desperate To Hang On

With libtalker Ed Schultz now facing the very real possibility of being fired by the far-left MSNBC network, we have one quick question: what took so long?

A recent threat to burn down the cable talk channel's studios has him hanging by a thread and the subject of in-house mockery, but what about his notorious past?

Didn't NBC suits notice his call for ballot-stuffing in Massachusetts? Or the unhinged rant against Dick Cheney that included a desire to "rip out his heart"? I suppose advocacy for widespread government censorship of radio broadcasting didn't matter, either. Badly mistreating those who dare to phone his show? Irrelevant.

And that's barely scratching the surface: this guy has more baggage than the overhead bins on your favorite airline. So why now?

Clearly recognizing his days on MSNBC are probably numbered, Schultz has taken to the airwaves in a last-ditch effort to recruit additional television viewers:

ED SCHULTZ (17:10): Now, Beck has big ratings at 5 o'clock. But at 6 o'clock against me, they drop damn near through the floor. They lose half their audience. In the meantime, The Ed Show, right now, this month of August, we are beating CNN in the demographic 25-54 by 1.2 million people. In total viewers for the month of August, we are beating CNN by 3.77 million.

We're starting to play in the arena of the big boys now. ... Now, the other night we got as close as we've ever gotten to beating Fox. Bret Baier beat me by 103 points in the demo, 103. Now you see, you have to understand that, they have a big audience but, hell, they're all old! In 25-54, we're getting in the neighborhood.


SCHULTZ (22:57): And you have no idea, in my bones, in my very soul! In my heart! I want to kick Fox's ass! I want to drive them into the ground! I want to spike the ball! I want to kick 'em in the teeth on the way back to the huddle! And then I want to turn around and lift my leg on 'em! Because that's all they're worth!

Are there examples of similar leg-lifting rhetoric used by Fox hosts against their MSNBC counterparts? Anyone there threatening to burn the place down? We didn't think so.


  • keep dreaming Ed. beggindg for viewers? how sad, how pathetic

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 27 August, 2010 10:57  

  • During Rachel's show Thursday night, there was a promo for The Ed Show. Then it occurred to me that there are not many Ed Show promos during the programs I watch on MSNBC, and I'm an avid viewer of their shows. Maybe he had a meeting with the executives there and pointed out that during the time period when local stations on the east coast were running their local news and the network news, and stations in the midwest and Rocky Mountains were running Oprah, Judge Judy or their early evening news, he was garnering the population of Indianapolis, IN and beating the pants off CNN and HLN.

    By Anonymous Laurence Glavin, at 27 August, 2010 12:27  

  • Over the last week Ed lose to Baier by an average of 218,000 in the key demo. I'd call that a thrashing by any standards. I remember Olbermann eeked out a couple demo wins in 2008 and said that O'reilly was done -- well Keith hasn't come even close since the fall of '08 -- now Ed thinks an anomaly or two sets a trend? In August? Maybe the new tagline at MSNBC should be changed to "The pace for delusions".

    By Anonymous Don Meyer, at 27 August, 2010 13:06  

  • Hey, Ed should get props for not threatening to torch the [bleep]ing place and then bursting into tears like he usually does.

    By Anonymous Jeff, at 27 August, 2010 14:17  

  • ChickaBOOMer| MSNBC's Ed Schultz: The Mel Gibson of Cable News

    By Blogger StewartIII, at 27 August, 2010 16:44  

  • This man is clearly delusional, along with outbursts of anger. He really should get help. And please stop making accusations without proof.

    By Anonymous Boiler, at 27 August, 2010 22:39  

  • BOTH of Ed's viewers were embarrassed by this latest meltdown.

    By Blogger Jonathan, at 31 August, 2010 12:07  

  • The people in charge of BSNBC & CNN are just 2 reasons FoxNewsChannel has kicked ass in the ratings for a decade now. There are others, like O'Reilly, Hannity(& Colmes), Cavuto, Beck, Kelly, Greta, Geraldo, Huckabee, Shep, Gibson, The Judge, Kilmeade, Carlson, Camarota, Brit, Bret, Wallace, Red Eye, & the late, great, Tony Snow, who have paved the way & continue to keep FNC on top.

    I say good riddence to the MSM, they are going, going...

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 31 August, 2010 13:46  

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