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30 December 2010

New Liberal Conspiracy Theory Provides Holiday Entertainment


Does Ritalin Create Conservative Children?

Need a cure for the holiday news cycle doldrums? How about a fresh conspiracy theory from our "progressive" friends?

Just in time to cure the boredom is this gem from libtalker Thom Hartmann, who decided to take a much-discussed story connecting brain thickness with political leanings and RUN right off the edge of the cliff.

Of course, who are we to critique Hartmann's grasp of genetics, medicine and child development (he's written on the subject before, check your local New Age bookstore)? It seems perfectly reasonable to believe Ritalin is part of some Big Pharma plot to create a rabid army of future conservatives:

THOM HARTMANN (Wednesday 29 Dec 2010 - hour one - 20:11): This dopamine receptor gene - the DR4 gene - they've identified as being the liberal gene. That's the gene that in my book The Edison Gene, I identified as being the Thomas Edison gene. And that neuroscientists who work on Attention Deficit Disorder identify as the ADD gene. Cause it affects levels of dopamine in the brain.

Low dopamine in the brain, you have creativity and you have ADD, and according to this most recent study you have liberalism, and they try to medicate that out of kids by goosing up their dopamine levels with a drug called Ritalin. Are we turning our children into conservatives by medicating them?

Hey Thom, got any more of these clever zingers? It's the perfect cure for our boredom.


  • God, I hope so! There are too many libtards now...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 30 December, 2010 01:26  

  • This is a VAST right-wing, secret conspiracy. Shhhh.

    By Anonymous Roca Boynton, at 30 December, 2010 11:53  

  • Funny comment about the "Edison" gene, since Thomas Edison was a devout conservative Republican who vowed during one presidential election to turn off the country's lights if the democrat won!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 30 December, 2010 16:40  

  • Ritalin worked for me - I'm now a conservative. On the other hand, maybe I'm a conservative because I have a functioning brain.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 31 December, 2010 00:20  

  • OK, let's combine the abortion on demand crowd with things like the gay gene, the lib jean, or whatever. Do these folks want people to have abortions because of stuff like that if it can be discovered? Will "choice" be acceptable if this becomes the situation?

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 01 January, 2011 15:06  

  • This guy's a moron.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03 January, 2011 22:56  

  • Someday we will find the cure to liberalism and then what will they say?

    Thom must be the dumbest man on radio.

    By Blogger GeronL, at 05 January, 2011 09:06  

  • United Citizens Council: "Thom must be the dumbest man on radio.."

    You are totally wrong. Anyone who listens to Hartmann regularly knows he's a brilliant man with a remarkable wide-ranging perspective on politics and a whole host of other topics. Part of that wide-ranging capacity is an ability to pose provocative questions, and he generally makes it pretty evident when he departs from grounded information to offer a personal speculation. I heard his Ritalin comment, and it was clearly in the speculative category.

    I should add that Hartmann regularly seeks out conservatives and libertarians for civil, thought-provoking debates. When is the last time Limbaugh made a comparable gesture?

    By Anonymous JohninOregon, at 06 January, 2011 13:38  

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