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05 January 2011

Rosie O'Donnell Shocked By Canadian Listener's Long Surgery Wait


Canadian Caller's Sobering Tale Of Surgery Delays

Just as a conservative is often said to be a liberal who is mugged, has one of our favorite "progressives" just had a similar epiphany?

During yesterday's satellite radio program, libtalker Rosie O'Donnell wondered out loud just how beneficial universal health care could be when it results in a seven-to-nine year wait for beneficial surgery.

Listen as a Canadian caller who weighs 300 pounds and is under five feet tall reveals a (sadly routine) bureaucratic nightmare in attempting to obtain gastric bypass surgery:

ROSIE O'DONNELL (42:46): How can universal health care be so good if you're waiting seven years?

CALLER: It's not considered an emergency surgery--


CALLER: It's considered elective, so if it was an emergency surgery, it would be a lot quicker. To see any kind of specialist is at least a few months, you're not going to get into see somebody next week.

O'DONNELL: If you called and sort of were persistent in saying to them, 'I really need this'... it doesn't change the [waiting-] list order.

CALLER: ...They're telling me, by the way, it's gonna be another two or three years...


There's still about 2,000 people ahead of me.

Hey Rosie, think ObamaCare will be any different? Of course not.

UPDATE: Rosie on ObamaCare earlier in 2010


  • What so many people who support the idea of a single payer system, or in other words,Obama-care don't understand is that so many foriegners come to the USA to get treated because they are escaping the very same type of system that Obama-care will be. The system is more important then the patient, & the care is less then great. Too many are going to learn a hard lesson if it is implimented. Sadley, some may not live to regret it.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 05 January, 2011 02:06  

  • Give it a day or two and she will be back to "normal". Truth has a way of bouncing off of liberals.

    By Blogger GeronL, at 05 January, 2011 09:04  

  • If Rosie was rational, she could connect the dots. But she's not, and that's why she continues her emotional diatribes for ineffective policy.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 05 January, 2011 13:09  

  • Don't know if I should laugh or cry!

    Common Cents

    By Blogger commoncents, at 05 January, 2011 13:29  

  • MY concern is that the caller laughs this off as no big deal. This isnt considered an emergency therefore my wait of 9 years is ok? In America a specialist visit would take days and then surgery would be with in a matter of a couple weeks. Why isnt she more pissed about this is my question?

    By Blogger scott, at 05 January, 2011 14:17  

  • As a Canadian I have nothing but faith in our system.

    You don't need a gastric bypass surgery. It's called stop shoving your fat face with food.

    I think there even *should* be a waiting period because it's a drastic solution to a simple (stop eating so much) problem.

    Also this is one crazy woman on a talk show, most elective surgeries are completed within 6 months as per gov't stats. Even if this is true about gastric bypass, I'm not worried about such a ridiculous procedure.

    By Anonymous Alex Freeman, at 05 January, 2011 14:42  

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