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27 March 2011

Hannity, Dr Laura, Fox, Palin Remember Geraldine Ferraro


Ferraro Unafraid To Spar With Conservatives


Unafraid to appear on the Fox News Channel even when it was met with scorn from her own side, Geraldine Ferraro is being warmly remembered this weekend by conservative commentators. The 1984 vice-presidential candidate passed away in Massachusetts yesterday aged 75.

Fox honcho Roger Ailes almost immediately released a statement praising Ferraro's network role, where she'd made regular appearances since 1999 (via Orlando Sentinel): “Geraldine Ferraro was an important and influential part of America’s political landscape. Her deep contributions on many significant issues will be felt for years to come. Geraldine was also an intelligent and warm contributor to the Fox News family and we will miss her.”

Asked about Ferraro's impact, Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity told your Radio Equalizer, "Very sad to hear about her passing, she was a frequent guest on my show. She was an incredible person, fun and full of life both on and off the air.

"We would often bet on political contests for charity, and I lost every time. We would kid each other about our different political views, but it was always with a smile," he said.

"She showed incredible strength and courage her entire life. I lost a friend today, and America lost a great American," Hannity added.

Satellite-based advice talker Dr Laura Schlessinger responded to a Radio Equalizer email inquiry with this remembrance: "I met Ms. Ferraro once in a TV green room. She was a classy, down to earth, warm and intelligent woman. I was always impressed with everything about her, except the political party she chose :)."

Though she remained loyal to her Democratic Party during the 2008 presidential election, Ferraro boldly spoke out against media mistreatment of Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin during the height of Obama-mania. A subsequent study confirmed Ferraro's concerns, finding reporters dismissed both of their respective selections as desperate campaign stunts. Perhaps that's why Palin was one of the first to appear on Fox yesterday with fond remembrances of Ferraro.

From November 2010,
here are Palin and Ferraro together on Fox:


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