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24 March 2011

Libtalkers Cover For Obama By Attacking Rush


Lefties Remain Loyal To Bracket, Not Hillary

With their Dear Leader looking weaker than ever, lefties are lashing out as Hillary Clinton's position of political strength becomes clearer. Rather than address the issue directly, however, libtalkers are choosing to change the subject.

And what better way to do it than shift the focus to Rush Limbaugh? He remains the left's default target, while attacking Hillary is tougher without generating heat. In fact, it once got Randi Rhodes canned, something she hasn't forgotten.

One thing should be clear: the "progressive" camp remains loyal to Bracket Obama, NOT Hillary.

From Wednesday's syndicated Randi Rhodes Show, more childish playground taunts that pass for left-wing reasoning:

RANDI RHODES (08:43): Nothing makes a man sound more like a sissy when he - than when he used the word sissy to call someone a sissy! all that is missing is like - you can hear him going like this! [makes clanking sounds hitting her hand against the table] He's just - he's freaked out that women are capable!

RHODES (09:11): Rush! Rush! You were caught at an immigration checkpoint with a purse full of Viagra! You cannot make fun of other people's cars when yours is sitting on the side of the road broken down! Rush Limbaugh, who travels with uh vials of -of Viagra and needs Oxy to forget that he's doing a woman apparently, is calling people sissies! I mean - you know - this is unbelievable - what is he, he's stamping his feet while he's calling somebody, he's calling, you know, Obama, a sissy!

I just want to have some sort of a macho contest cause I - I think Rush Limbaugh could get his ass kicked by the Pillsbury Doughboy or Glenn Beck, who I believe are the same people except one has crescent rolls and the other one has freaked out! Just lost his mind! You know Glenn Beck wants the Department of Justice to investigate, you know, the janitors union? The janitors? He thinks the world is going to be taken over by janitors!

A nice try at deflection, Randi, but the question remains unanswered: in what way does Obama look strong as major world events unfold?


  • I want to know who thinks it's a good idea to have this lout continue to host a talk radio program that has almost no listeners? There are guys, many of them libs, who canot listen to Rhodes because she reminds them about why they a now divorced. Plus if she wants to talk about lies, maybe she can explain who "attacked" her when she had her teeth smashed in. Maybe Sam Adams, Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, or even Johnny Walker? Getting blind drunk & falling on your face does not equal being attcked.

    As to your question Brian, Obama is so weak he makes Jimmy Carter look like a strongman, & Carter got sand kicked in his face all the time & did nothing. Obama is a domestic social political bully, but he is may be the weakest President we have had since Wilson.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 25 March, 2011 02:53  

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