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06 March 2011

Mike Malloy: Hillary Clinton's A 'Corporatist' And 'Fascist'


Another Libtalker Slams Hillary Clinton, But Why?

What is it about Hillary Clinton that seems to drive her own side batty? Whether insufficient liberalism or some other fault is behind occasional bursts of "progressive" rage isn't clear.

One thing is certain: insults from the left are nastier than anything that's emerged from the right.

For the unforgivable offense of daring to run against their messiah, Hillary was called a "f---ing whore" by libtalker Randi Rhodes. And during Friday's syndicated radio program, fellow host Mike Malloy labelled her a "fascist".

At least during the 2008 presidential campaign, Randi's outburst caused some controversy, but we're willing to bet slamming Hillary in 2011 is just another day at the "progressive" office. What has changed?

Woven into Malloy's deranged rant was a rare, on-target point: it's ridiculous for Hillary to oppose federal laws that were signed into law by her husband (such as broadcast industry consolidation) without at least mentioning the connection.

While longer than the usual clip, listen as Malloy lashes out as only an unstable character could:

MIKE MALLOY (07:15): I don't care a rat's ass about Hillary Clinton - I do not - she's a war monger - she is as much as a fascist as anyone in the Republican party - she is a corporatist - she is doing her part to destroy representative government in this country!

In his anger over media consolidation, Malloy fails to understand that surviving conglomerates are in serious trouble, weighed down by massive debt as the result of overpaying for radio, television stations and newspapers. Revenue has also been less than promising for some time.

In addition, they're under attack by a wave of agile Internet competitors and have been slow to respond to the threat. This has been underway for years. You're not living under a rock, are you Mike?


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