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30 July 2011

Listeners Continue To Pound Sharpton From Left, Right And Center

700,000 BIG ONES

NO WONDER Al's Kept His Day Job!

Lost in the debt ceiling debate's news cycle black hole is an important story that sheds light upon the Reverend Al Sharpton's questionable career situation.

Thanks to Wayne Barrett's Daily Beast piece, we can now say it is highly unlikely Sharpton will be giving up his radio show anytime soon.

How his troubled employer, Radio One (NASDAQ: ROIA), manages to cover an Air America-like annual salary of $700,000 is truly baffling. Only a handful of the most successful syndicated hosts have ever cracked that level and they're heard on hundreds of major stations, as opposed to Sharpton's handful of mosquito swamp affiliates. Barrett notes that Sharpton was even unable to maintain a time slot on Radio One's own flagship Atlanta outlet.

Trading as a penny stock with a paltry $68m market cap, Radio One is a loss-making operation. It reported Q1 results for 2011 that show a net profit margin of minus 98.49%!

It seems improbable that MSNBC will be paying that much for his new cable talk program, meaning hanging on to this strange ROIA deal is as important as ever.

If he does keep the radio show, however, are the days of open phones coming to a close? From left, right and center, Sharpton listeners are rebelling against his unquestioning loyalty to Barack Obama. For at least two years, we've been tracking the outcry, but it has absolutely escalated in recent weeks. African-Americans are increasingly emboldened in challenging the president and the regime's inner circle.

Confronting the anger must be exhausting as listeners increasingly seem to loath him. From Friday's program, here's the latest example, where a left-leaning caller tells Sharpton she feels duped by Obama's promises.

As usual, Sharpton responds with disrespectful bullying, rhetorical trickery and condescension:

CALLER MARY ANN IN NEW JERSEY (AL SHARPTON SHOW - 29 JULY 2011): Good afternoon. I’m calling about I am not a fan of President Obama. I think he is fooling the people. He’s getting ready to cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, SSI, food stamps that help the very same people that put him in office. He getting ready to cut that.

If George Bush were doing this everybody on the left would be up in arms including you. And I think what he’s doing, I think he’s a Republican in Democrat's clothing. And I think he’s a dressed up well polished well spoken phony and I think he needs to be challenged from the left. I think we need to get a real Democrat in there.

SHARPTON: All right so let me ask you a question Mary Ann, what are the cuts in Medicaid and Medicare and social security that he going to make?

MARY ANN IN NEW JERSEY: Well, he said he’s going to make he’s going to increase the age, he gonna (Sharpton interrupts)

SHARPTON: He (Obama) has not said that.

MARY ANN IN NEW JERSEY: He said he’s gonna cut.

SHARPTON: He did not say that. He said that we gonna put it all on the table.

MARY ANN IN NEW JERSEY: Well, what is this what is this now (Sharpton interrupts)

SHARPTON: Wait a minute, don’t start hollering now cause you getting to not talk at all.

I asked you a question and you can’t give me an answer, you go to hollering.

MARY ANN IN NEW JERSEY: He said himself he’s gonna have a balanced approach.

SHARPTON: He said we gonna put it all on the table.

MARY ANN IN NEW JERSEY: Everybody gonna fell some pain.

SHARPTON: Correct.

MARY ANN IN NEW JERSEY: He said everybody gonna fell some pain.

SHARPTON: So, you calling him all these names and saying he gonna do something, I’m asking you what is he gonna do? Putting it all on the table does not say what he is going to do.

MARY ANN IN NEW JERSEY: He said everybody gonna fell pain.


MARY ANN IN NEW JERSEY: That’s what he said.

SHARPTON: You said he said he’s going to cut Medicaid and Medicare.

MARY ANN IN NEW JERSEY: Right. And that tell me he’s gonna male people feel pain who helped put him in office and this is not a balanced and fair approach.

SHARPTON: Well, it tells me that you just don’t know what you’re talking about.

The bottom line in Sharptonville: nobody "knows what they're talking about" unless they're calling in support of Obama.


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