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25 August 2011

Libtalker: Fracking May Have Caused VA Quake


Drilling Technique Fingered As VA Quake Culprit

Thank goodness our "progressive" friends are a go-to source on "science", a subject we conservatives adamantly oppose. Otherwise, how would we discover the cause of this week's 5.9 earthquake in Virginia?

It COULDN'T be natural in origin, nope, humans apparently triggered the quake through fracking, an invasive (yet effective) drilling technique used to obtain deposits of natural gas. Lefties have been fighting to ban the practice for some time but earlier today lost a key battle in New Jersey.

Watch as syndicated libtalker Thom Hartmann wins our Just Plain Fracking Nutty Comment of the Week Award:

THOM HARTMANN (24 August 2011 - 28:34): I still wonder if fracking had something to do with the [East Coast] earthquake that we experienced yesterday. You know, fracking is pumping enormous amounts of water and noxious chemicals into the ground at high pressure, to break up the rock.

If you're breaking up the rock underground, doesn't it make sense that the ground would move? I mean, call me a conspiracy theorist if you want, but I wonder if two plus two equals four here.

Thanks, Thom, you've made our week here at the Radio Equalizer.


  • Fracking this week, Global Warming next week...

    By Blogger Roger Bournival, at 25 August, 2011 18:31  

  • I also remember some leftist idiots claiming that "global warming" had something to do with the tsunami on December 26, 2004. They threw Bush43 in for good measure. They are so smart, because we all know that "climate change" has everything to do with tsunami's, which are triggered by seismec activity. For you morons who still don't know, earthquakes, not weather patterns.

    As for Thom Hartamnn, he was always considered to be 1 of the brighter & more rational voices on the left. I don't see it, because it seems he's sick of being ignored & is now auditioning to get his own show on MSNBC or CurrentTV. It goes to show that it is hard to be a progressive & be a voice of reason, & Thom has failed where many have failed before.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 25 August, 2011 23:22  

  • Hartmann did not say fracking caused the quake. He's an amateur science geek, and he raised it as a question. Of course to the conservative mind, any suggestion that human activity could have serious environmental impacts is incomprehensible, so even posing such questions is perceived as liberal lunacy.

    By Anonymous JohninOregon, at 26 August, 2011 09:46  

  • Thom Hartmann thinks that? That's what he gets for doing his own thinking.

    By Anonymous Steven Toast, at 26 August, 2011 11:55  

  • Actually the earthquake was caused by the gravitational pull of Neptune.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 26 August, 2011 11:58  

  • Apologies, but an amateur science enthusiast has no more business speculating blindly than does an amateur gynecology enthusiast. In doing so, Mr. Hartmann illustrates exactly the difference between himself and actual scientists; critical thinking skills. moving low volumes of water locally can no more cause a tectonic shift than a man shifting his feet can alter the orbit of the earth.

    By Blogger Paul, Dammit!, at 26 August, 2011 20:32  

  • @ JohninOregon, the fact is Thom Hartmann is liberal lunacy. Actually, he is beyond liberal, he's a progressive. Or in other words, an American socilaist, & if he looked into the history of socialism, he would find out it does'nt work & when taken to it logical conclusion, the masses suffer in the name of the state. He could talk about it with Socialist Bernie Sanders when he does his regular interview with Hartmann. But I would rather pay Col. Sanders & get a good meal for money, rather then hearing how I don't pay enough to the gov't so they can give it to someone to lazy to apply for a job. Let alone, hold one down.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 28 August, 2011 23:12  

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