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31 August 2011

RFK Jr Associate / Libtalker Papantonio: Hannibal Lecter Better Man Than Cheney


How 'Pap' Outdoes Mike Malloy's Extremism

It takes a great deal of vitriol to beat extremist "progressive" Mike Malloy at his own game, but libtalker / notorious trial lawyer Mike Papantonio has managed to crown himself the King Of Hate.

Where Malloy's infamous rants are the product of improvisational derangement, Papantonio's smears appear premeditated, as though he's reading from a script or rehearsed them in advance.

And in terms of on-air rhetoric, "Pap" is now so far over the edge that Randi Rhodes is probably taking notes.

Even more ridiculous is Mike's liberal use of a faux-folksy twang probably developed long ago for closing arguments in class action lawsuits. He's "one of us", even though he clearly isn't.

In the latest examples, Papantonio asserts that Tea Party supporters would like to "lynch black people for real" and that fictional serial killer Hannibal Lecter is a better man than Dick Cheney.

Here are the clips and transcripts:

MIKE PAPANTONIO (ED SCHULTZ SHOW 26 AUG 2011 HOUR ONE) (02:33): Don't believe it, it's not true. The rage has just started. We got a glimpse of that hate, if you'll remember, when we saw the signs they held up at their rallies. There were pictures of Obama depicted as a monkey. Or Obama hanging in effigy like the good ol' days to this crowd, when this same group no doubt would be lynching real black people for real.


MIKE PAPANTONIO (03:43): In day one, they're talking like Christians. In day two, they're showing us their low breed, angry hate. The floundering tea party, I gotta tell ya, is almost an exclusive club of white conservative Republicans who really believe that government should be heavily influenced with conservative religion, that's their new talking point, just listen to Michele Bachmann, listen to Rick Perry, even though the overwhelming majority of Americans say you need to separate the two.

MIKE PAPANTONIO (ED SCHULTZ SHOW 29 AUG 2011 HOUR ONE) (01:43): You know, it was easier to at least respect a character, a fictional character, like Hannibal Lecter in "Silence of the Lambs" because Hannibal Lecter at least readily admitted that he was a dangerous mutation and he was somebody capable of lying and manipulating and even killing to get what he wanted.

But we could write a part into a fictional book where we're able to put a character like Hannibal Lecter in a cage, we're able to get him away from society. But in real life, justice just doesn't work that way. In real life, a dangerous sociopath can become a Republican vice president of the most powerful country in the world.

Papantonio is also co-host of Ring Of Fire with Robert F Kennedy Jr in addition to his day job as an attorney. Now, he can proudly add Crown King Of Hate to his distinguished résumé.


  • Darth Vader gave the galaxy a lot of reasons to hate him.

    Cheney gave America a lot of raw meat. Why any human being would defend Cheney for his crimes is beyond me!!

    By Anonymous CIA Jon, at 31 August, 2011 18:56  

  • A couple of things...

    First off, I love former VP Cheney. He is a man's man, he's as smart as a whip, he's funny, & he seems to walk off off heart attacks like football players walk off an ankle sprain.

    As for Mike Papintonio, he's has always been as over the top with his lunacy as Malloy or Rhodes has been over the years. He's not well known, but he should be taken seriously to the extent that he is a lawyer & can be involved in things/issues from a legal standpoint. He's a nonfactor as a media figure, but he's a legal pain in the ass.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 01 September, 2011 14:46  

  • I suspect when Papantonio has his butt examined you'll find CIA Jon head wedged way up there.

    By Anonymous Molon Labe, at 04 September, 2011 01:20  

  • If there actually were any instances of photoshopping Obama as a monkey or hanging him in effigy, it was the moonbats of the MoveOn ilk who started that crap with Bush and Palin.

    By Anonymous Dave (in MA), at 05 September, 2011 01:52  

  • Pap no doubt has a flair for hyperbole, but he's a southerner born and bred, and has been around cracker reactionaries all his life. Since the Tea Party is merely the latest iteration of a primitive, deluded mindset he knows very well, he often nails the absurdity in that quarter perfectly.

    By Anonymous JohninOregon, at 11 September, 2011 19:07  

  • Quite frankly, Cheney should be in jail. I don't ever want to hear Republicans bitch about personal responsibility again.

    By Blogger Mac33, at 18 December, 2011 17:02  

  • Perhaps Papantonio is correct. Wasn't the alleged gunman who shot Gabrielle Giffords active in Tea Party politics? I am also suspicious of the timing. Obama's predecessor started two wars, didn't pay for any of them, and then cut taxes when revenue actually needed to be raised. Why wasn't the Tea Party formed then? Why didn't they step up during Bush's tenure and say enough is enough?

    By Blogger Mac33, at 18 December, 2011 17:08  

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