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29 September 2011

Al Sharpton Gloats: We MAKE The News


It's All About Al, So Why Was He Hired?

With no incentive to reform his dubious behavior, why exactly should Al Sharpton change his ways? Why pretend to be anything other than a self-promoting charlatan?

Because there's always someone waiting to reward the so-called civil rights leader for his antics, an increasingly emboldened reverend now brazenly admits his stunts are all about looking to "MAKE the news".

As a partisan activist, there's nothing unusual about his new assertions, many political operatives suffer from excessively high self-esteem. But how does this fit with with cable talk? Sharpton matches MSNBC's ideology, but that's where the similarities end.

From his syndicated radio show earlier this week, watch as the reverend conveniently whitewashes his career history / body count (Tawana, Freddy's Fashion Mart, etc) in favor of ridiculous boasting:

AL SHARPTON: I try to try my best always when we involved in a case whether it is any case from Jena 6 to Imus when we first came on the air on the radio. We fought Jena 6, Imus, Katrina all the way through Sean Bell.

Every case we try to have long standing activism to change something rather than just deal with news flashes. You know I tell people all the time I don’t cover the news, we make the news and we try to make history if we can from the news of the day.

Making news is one thing, but how about credibility and even ratings? Those are harder to manufacture.


  • Rev Al was hired for a couple of reasons. MSNBC has taken some heat for having no on air diversity outside of Eugene Robinson, who does'nt host a show. There is also the little matter of Sharpton's connections to ComCast... someone like Sharpton a show really makes no sense. He is barely able to work through the teleprompter, & if there ever is a major developing news story while he's on the air, he will be worthless. He does'nt have the intellectual firepower to work a fluid live news story if such a situation comes up. But what's funny is that if MSNBC wants to get rid of him & his show, they will have to payoff Sharpton & his National Action Network. It will be lots of money to make them happy to go away.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 29 September, 2011 23:22  

  • Dumb-SNBC

    By Anonymous Ricky Boy, at 30 September, 2011 12:18  

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