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20 September 2011

Arianna Huffington's Baffling, Bizarre Bachmann Observation


Libs Apparently Can't Get Past A Woman's Looks

Hey, when a key "progressive" figure spends much of her time lecturing others on the need to take female candidates and business managers seriously, wouldn't it also be reasonable to show that same respect to those who have the guts to step into the ring?

Yes, Michele Bachmann IS a Republican, which of course means our lefty friends can throw their selective rules right out the window.

But why in the world has Internet Empress Arianna Huffington chosen to focus on the Minnesota congresswoman's appearance?

The results are just plain weird, watch below:

ARIANNA HUFFINGTON (2:21): As Michele Bachmann said, [Perry is] a kind of poster child for crony capitalism. It was really great to hear these words, 'crony capitalism,' coming out of Michele Bachmann's beautifully lipsticked lips.

We did a search on "beautifully lipsticked-lips" which returns a mere two results on Google. In one, the term is used in a clearly pornographic context.

So what gives, Ari? We're baffled.


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