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07 September 2011

Hoffa Libtalk Interview: Defiance, Then CYA


Hoffa Plays Both Ways Over Incendiary Language

Libtalk producers were in a mad rush yesterday to book fire-breathing union thug Jimmy Hoffa Jr yesterday, but out of solidarity rather than outrage.

Hoffa's incendiary remarks were then duly spun by hosts eager to pin his call to violence on Fox News rather than the man himself.

If the union leader's guilty of anything in their book, it's by stating out loud what normally would be planned in secret.

Meanwhile, conservatives including Rush Limbaugh pressed Obama to repudiate Hoffa's violent anti-conservative rhetoric while the president played dumb.

In perhaps his most candid moment across a number of libtalk radio appearances, Hoffa doubled-down, telling dedicated Obamist Bill Press "I would say it again" before reverting to decidedly softer partisan talking points clearly concocted to save Junior's political skin.

From the Bill Press Show:

JIM HOFFA (1:08:18): I gave a vent to what everybody feels, the frustration that workers feel because of the war on workers and what they've done, the attack that they have made on the American Labor Movement, the workers everywhere in Wisconsin and Ohio, and you know what? I would say it again.

And we should be saying more things like that to motivate people to go to the polls and basically change this coefficient that we have right now that's wrong because the Tea Party is obstructing everything from Washington to Ohio to Wisconsin to Michigan to Missouri, and enough's enough.

Interestingly, "progressives" aren't all on the same page regarding Hoffa. While some in the establishment media ignore the comments, others play the "doctored audio" card and still more find ways to point fingers at political enemies.

Since he's now said he WILL say it again, how will our lefty friends respond?


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