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14 September 2011

Ron Reagan: Unlike Fox, MSNBC's Truth-Based


Is This Radio's Most Miserable Hour?

Is there any job in broadcasting more miserable than co-hosting a talk show with Ron Reagan? The most recent edition of Both Sides Now With Huffington and Matalin pretty much puts any debate to rest.

With Arianna busy sacking bloggers and anyone else who dares to challenge Her Majesty, there's little time for the talk show (though she will supposedly return next week), leaving conservative Mary Matalin to deal with various liberal fill-in co-hosts, including Reagan.

Though Matalin's got plenty of experience debating lefty Dems (at home?), Reagan's combination of arrogance, foolish assertions and parochial Seattle-style "progressive" politics make for a truly grating presentation.

Watch and snicker as Ron claims MSNBC is a truth-based cable outlet, unlike its competition:

RON REAGAN (12:56) [after co-host Mary Matalin mentions GOP Congress is even less popular than Obama]: And why do you think that is?

MARY MATALIN: 'Cause they've been demonized...

REAGAN: We don't even have our own network that does nothing but demonisation.

MATALIN: Oh, really? What do you call MSNBC?

REAGAN: A news network that actually has some fealty to the truth, unlike Fox News, which is a propaganda outfit.

Of course, Reagan might care to mention his vested interest in plugging MSNBC, given his frequent appearances on the "Truth" channel.


  • Non Reagan Jr...

    He would be nothing without the legacy of his name. Nobody would give a damn about him without the Reagan name, & he knows it.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 14 September, 2011 10:56  

  • Regarding Ron Reagan Jr.: An insufferable, morally bankrupt twit is, as an insufferable, morally bankrupt twit does.

    Plus, you can't fix stoopid.

    Although it is subsidized on MSNBC.

    'nuff said.

    By Blogger locomotivebreath1901, at 17 September, 2011 23:35  

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