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04 October 2011

Libtalker: 'How Many People Will Christie Crush To Death With His Giant Fat Ass?'


Fat Jokes Will No Longer Carry Lefty Monologues

If you think stuffy GOP establishment types are unhappy to see Chris Christie bail out of an expected presidential run, consider the plight of our always-civil libtalk friends. Without New Jersey's governor in the 2012 primary field, third grade-level fat jokes will no longer carry their monologues.

Thank goodness our "progressive" pals adhere to their own high rhetorical standards, the very rules they attempted to impose upon us after the Tucson incident. Otherwise, it might get nasty out there!

Yes, while hate-filled "righties" rant and rave, liberals hold a "conversation" where issues are discussed based on facts rather than emotion.

So it COULDN'T have been a syndicated libtalker responsible for this mean-spirited smearfest, right? Take a look:

STEPHANIE MILLER (03 October 2011): Can I just say that our audience in person on the phone emailing, the smartest funniest audience in the world. Mike writes, Steph, Chris Christie is just Rush Limbaugh in a fat suit. That’s funny. Ha ha ha.

All right, yes we discussed the morality of Chris Christie jokes or not on Saturday night because you know that is the big question, is he going to jump into the race and how many people will he immediately crush to death with his giant fat ass because you have to ask, what?

Listen, we are sexy Liberals; we are empathetic because I care. I’m concerned because we were saying that these Republican debates they’re so mean that I’m afraid he’s [Christie] going to be the fat kid in Lord of the Flies.

They’re [Republican candidates] are going to kill him with a rock if he gets in. You know what I’m saying? Don’t you think?

LAVOIE: Could be.

MILLER: He’s going to be Piggy on Lord of the Flies. I’m concerned for him. This does not end well if you’ve seen Lord of the Flies.

LAVOIE: Piggy. He’d be piggy in more than one way.

MILLER: They are a school of piranhas, these Republican candidates and granted to would take them a long time to eat Chris Christie, but I’m just saying.

Luckily, liberals are actively fighting shallow body image stereotyping whilst pushing for equality throughout society. Whatever would we do without their civility, wisdom and moral guidance?


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