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08 November 2011

Arianna Huffington: Cain Flap Like Balloon Boy, Slams Mississippi


Slams 'Balloon Boy' Media, Plus Diss For Miss

Has Arianna Huffington partly wandered off of the "progressive" reservation? At least in terms of Democratic Party talking points, the Internet Empress just hasn't been playing ball in recent days.

That became especially clear over the weekend as Huffington found time (a rarity) to host her syndicated talk show with Mary Matalin, Both Sides Now. There, Arianna blasted the media's focus on Herman Cain's accusers, saying it's not worth America's time if Cain doesn't have a prayer of winning.

But is she grossly underestimating Cain's popularity? Is it really a fair comparison to "balloon boy" coverage?

HUFFINGTON (33:14): I think it is ludicrous that we are spending so much time discussing [the Cain allegations]. It's consuming the airwaves in a way that is really amazing when you consider that, I think, that Herman Cain has absolutely zero chance to be elected president of the United States, so why [we are] wasting so much time on this, I have no idea, except for the fact that this is the latest Balloon Boy. It's the latest shining object...that's obsessed the media.

Earlier in the show, however, Huffington was true to elitist form, blasting Mississippi voters for their indifference toward the rights of a child post-birth. This one's vintage Zsa Zsa:

HUFFINGTON (4:38): There's this incredible concern about the right[s] of a child, which in a poor as Mississippi seem[s] to stop at the moment when the child is born. What about the rights of a child to not be hungry? To be able to have a decent education? To be able to have a job after they graduate from college? There's so many other things that the state should be worrying about. It seems like a massive distraction.


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