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30 November 2011

Dems: Barney Frank 'Saved Economy'


Dems Lament Loss Of Legendary Grump

If you thought Democrats were happy to lose longtime embarrassment Barney Frank, you'd apparently be mistaken.

Though the notoriously combative Bay State rep's retirement has Republicans and conservative talkers doing handstands, his own side believes Barney walks on water.

Though some partisan praise would be expected, a Democratic National Committee spokesman went way over the top yesterday, claiming "the economy would have gone straight in the toilet" if not for Frank.

That the economy IS IN THE TOILET seems unclear to our Dem friends. And that's before we've even had a chance to pick apart Frank's real record.

From the Bill Press Show:

BRAD WOODHOUSE, DNC SPOKESMAN (4:27): He’s [Barney Frank] been so vital to the country at what he’s done over the past several years, especially after the president [Obama] got into office. He was chairing the committee that was working with Senator Dodd that set up these consumer protections, which incredibly Republicans are fighting.

For some reason Republicans think that protecting consumers from the type of greed that went on during the financial collapse, the type of tricky trades and and and ah risky business that led to so many people losing their livelihoods. They [Republicans] want to block the consumer financial protection bureau, hopefully the President will and Senate Democrats will overcome that.

BILL PRESS: But that wouldn’t exist without Barney, he was the champion of that from the beginning.

BRAD WOODHOUSE: Would not have exited. Look in fact the economy would have gone straight in the toilet if not for Barney Frank and his leadership.

Memo to delusional Dems: isn't it time to shelve this "we saved the economy" silliness for good? File it away next to "green shoots".


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