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15 November 2011

Sharpton Show Smears W Over Penn State Sicko


Libtalk Falsely Claims GWB Praised Sandusky


If you thought committed Obamists had moved beyond Bush-bashing as an election strategy, you'd sadly be very, very wrong.

Yes, destroying Herman Cain was terribly important, but Team Hopium 2012 also believes attacking W can still boost Barack's fortunes. We find a fresh example in yesterday's Keeping It Real With Al Sharpton radio show, where regular guest / activist Earl Ofari Hutchinson falsely claimed the former president had praised Penn State sicko Jerry Sandusky.

As a quick trip through the left's Internet smear machine will reveal, Team Sharpton's not alone in spreading this falsehood.

The truth: In 1990, President George H W Bush's foundation named Sandusky's non-profit one of his "points of light". That was many YEARS before any of these horrible revelations had emerged.

But hey, why let the truth get in the way of a good bit of slander?

EARL OFARI HUTCHINSON (AL SHARPTON RADIO SHOW - 14 NOV 2011) (36:02): You got a guy [Sandusky] at Penn State University, well-connected big football coach. Some say at least at one point he was the heir apparent to Joe Paterno whenever he stepped down. Had the respect of school officials, administrators, alumni donors.

His foundation went all the way back to 1977. Had some of the top sports figures sitting on his board. Had George W Bush endorse it, said it was a great organization!

We doubt the lying will end with Sharpton's show, so please keep this in mind the next time you come across "George W Bush praised Sandusky" BS.

BONUS "PROGRESSIVE" SILLINESS: libtalker Thom Hartmann making the case for nuclear Iran as no big deal! It would be funny if not such a dangerous viewpoint...

THOM HARTMANN (35:21): I don't, frankly, think that Iran having nuclear that big a deal, and I realize that that makes right-wingers hysterical to hear anybody in the United States say that...


It's certainly not a big enough deal for us to go to war over, and I'd be really astounded if Israel did.


  • Hartmann has always been presented as a thoughtful & rational progressive host. I don't see it. If you don't get what the Iranian leadership is about after 30 years, you'll never get it. He is a useful idiot, & that's all he'll ever be.

    As for Sharpton, he's a communist street agitator who has blood on his hands. The only difference with Rev.Al then & now is how he dresses. Today's high priced suits are a long way from the tracksuits & gold chains that made him look like an extra in the Rob Base "It takes two" video. He's still the same huckster he always was, he's just on the inside now. "Resist we much", indeed.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 16 November, 2011 16:53  

  • What paer of "Death to the Great Satan" does this Thom Hartman clown not understand?

    By Anonymous Michael Lonie, at 18 November, 2011 21:01  

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