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10 December 2011

Lefty Trial Lawyer Papantonio: Newt Says Black Kids Out To Kill


Sleazy 'Progressive' Trial Lawyer At It Again

Here at the Radio Equalizer, we're still not sure what to make of Newt Gingrich's second political coming. What is clear, however: some of the former House speaker's detractors are as sleazy as they come.

High on the dirtbag list: lefty trial lawyer / partisan attack dog Mike Papantonio, known to go by "Pap" for short. The longtime Robert F Kennedy Jr / Ed Schultz confidant is the Democratic Party's ultimate loose cannon, making regular appearances on cable and libtalk radio shows.

Pap's latest attack includes a wildly over-the-top assertion that Gingrich is using racial scare tactics (the "Willie Horton II" theme Al Sharpton utilized earlier in the week) to advance the notion that black youths are ready to terrorize America en masse.

From Friday's syndicated Ed Schultz radio program:

MIKE PAPANTONIO (23:16): Newt's telling his feeble, old teabag supporters that young black lawless children are going to kill America.

While Newt himself still has much to prove on the campaign trail, one thing is obvious: "Pap" is a one-man smear machine.


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