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14 March 2012

Lefty Tavis Smiley Slams Obama Over SuperPac 'Hypocrisy'


While Others Target Rush, Smiley Focused On Obama

While establishment Democrats high-five one another for their (as yet elusive) success in silencing conservative Obama critics, they've apparently overlooked discontent from the left.

One recent source of "progressive" dissent has been the syndicated Smiley & West radio show, heard weekends on public radio affiliates. Hosts Tavis Smiley and Cornel West have not been afraid to take Obama to task.

Nor are they spending much, if any, time and energy gloating over free speech suppression tactics used to shut down talk radio.

During the most recent edition of the show, Smiley took longtime union leader Leo Gerard to task for making excuses while Obama emerges as "one of the worst hypocrites" on campaign finance loopholes and SuperPACs.

A survey released earlier today reveals that 69% of Americans want SuperPACs shut down for good, with this sentiment said to be widespread across party lines.

From the program:

TAVIS SMILEY (44:52): And so now the President is playing this Super PAC game. So when you suggest that first we win, and then we change it, suggests to me that you believe in your heart that once Obama wins he’s going to be serious about campaign finance reform.

But now, he’s one of the worst hypocrites respectfully, if I can say that, one of the worst hypocrites in the country is he now on campaign finance reform and you think that once he wins he’s going to get serious about changing the system that he just benefited from?

LEO GERARD, UNION PRESIDENT: Look I think that to be fair I think you’re making an unfair accusation and let me say why.

SMILEY: Tell me why!

LEO GERARD: I think that he opposes it he thinks it’s disgusting I think many of us do, but in this round he can’t fight this election with one hand tied behind his back.

I really need to rob just one more bank, then I'll stop for good, I swear!

BONUS CLIP: watch as libtalker Stephanie Miller repeatedly derides southern voters as living in "cracker land". Nothing to see here, folks, it's just beloved "progressive" tolerance at work:

Remember, it's RUSH that's the problem, not anyone else!


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