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22 March 2012

'Progressives' Attempt To Dictate Conservative Talk Topics


Resist We Much II: The Crappy Sequel

Welcome to Obama Bizarro World 2012, where talk radio topics are to be vetted by "progressive" foes in advance, not just for "offensive" content, but to make sure hosts are sticking to pre-approved topics dictated by far-left activists.

For days, conservative hosts have been taking heat for not spending enough time (or covering it using Politburo-approved talking points) on the Trayvon Martin shooting in Florida.

A sad story, to be sure, but it may or may not have national implications. That's very much open to debate.

But because "progressives" have deemed it a race-based hate crime (even though the shooter's ethnic identity is murky) underscoring a bigoted American society, or something like that, talkers must devote a substantial chunk of airtime to the story.

Added benefit: it deflects attention away from Obama's sagging popularity.

Along comes Al Sharpton, who should be expected to set the proper example for unenlightened commenators everywhere. But he can't even pronounce the slain boy's name!

Welcome to Resist We Much II: The Crappy Sequel...

AL SHARPTON (15:07): When you look at the Trayon Wilson case, I mean I’m reading while I’m talking, Trayon Martin’s case Trayvon’s case if you look at the case of where we are in Detroit with Emergency Management.

If you look at on Monday they start the hearings on the affordable care act. I mean we’ve (blacks) got so many ways they're coming after us that if we do not get it clear that we need to be together in a strategic way I don’t know what will get it clear.

Less amusing by far is Sharpton's dangerous racial rhetoric asserting a coordinated plot against African-Americans. But hey, it's just another day for the nation's favorite racial arsonist!

Remember, RUSH is the problem, not Al Sharpton & Friends!


  • The racial tension will be amped up as we get closer to the election. The race industry will need to be on their game because Obama cannot run on his record. When people go to fuel up their cars or see their electric bills(esepecially with air conditioining season coming),they will feel it because of his energy policy. They will feel it in many other ways, to diverting people from Obama's record will be key. People like Al Sharpton,Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakahn, the NAACP, New Black Panthers, Eugene Robinson, & other apologists will be in overdrive until election day. Get ready America, it's only going to get worse from here.

    Resist we much, indeed!

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 23 March, 2012 02:35  

  • When funds start to dry up, Al shakes his suckers for either publicity or contributions. He's been doing it for years. Yawn.

    By Anonymous Teloose, at 23 March, 2012 11:36  

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