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01 May 2012

Caller To Sharpton: Did Cheney Take Trayvon's Heart?


Even The Reverend Has His Limits

Did you hear the one about Dick Cheney stealing Trayvon Martin's heart for personal use? We hadn't either, but it's apparently been circulating for weeks

If it were a joke, there might be a tasteless punchline to offer, but this one's merely a ridiculous conspiracy theory. Did it begin with a Jon Stewart gag

The silver lining in this sad state of affairs is an indication that even the Reverend Al Sharpton has his limits. Who knew? 

During yesterday's edition of Keeping It Real, Sharpton could barely contain his irritation as a caller asks in all seriousness whether Trayvon's heart was transplanted into the former vice president's body:

SHERRY IN SOUTH CAROLINA: I never got a clear understanding of Trayvon’s heart, was it actually given to Dick Cheney, or was it not? 

SHARPTON: No I don’t know anything, I don’t think they gave Trayvon’s heart to Dick Cheney, no. 

SHERRY IN SOUTH CAROLINA: Did they give it to anyone? 

SHARPTON: As far as I know his heart was not donated to anyone, I have not heard that from the family at all, but I know Dick Cheney didn’t get it.

SHERRY IN SOUTH CAROLINA: Okay, all right. I’m finally cleared up on that. 

SHARPTON: And that’s thank you for your call. And see that’s another thing, they put out outrageous rumors that people don’t know right from wrong, that’s why we need to stay right on these stations and give information, cause people innocently can be misinformed not trying to do anything but get the right information cause you get inundated by these people that just sit around fantasizing all day long. 

Some people will truly believe ANYTHING and that's what makes this a dangerous world.


  • First let me say I'm an reg. independent-I don't take sides. I like to point out the absurdity of both libs & conservatives.
    You have to listen to Randi Rhodes show yesterday - May 1st. It is worth paying for the podcast- available on her site or maybe i-tunes? She was claiming for 3 hours Pres. Bush allowed bin Laden to remain free. And how she rationalizes why Bush went to war in Afghanistan etc. This rant of Rhodes has to be the looniest she has ever spewed. Especially the last 1/2 hour. Post her rant in the last 1/2 hour on YouTube

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 02 May, 2012 19:14  

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