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03 May 2012

Democrat Operatives In Last-Ditch Effort To Salvage Elizabeth Warren's Candidacy


Dems: Nothing To See Here, Blame Scott

It's hard to remember the last time a candidacy has imploded faster than Elizabeth Warren's in Massachusetts. The loopy Bay State Democrat has been crushed by revelations she's long claimed, falsely, to be an ethnic minority. 

At best, she's 3% Cherokee. 

Her own responses to press questions have been contradictory at best. The latest: she was just hoping to socialize with "other" Native Americans.

Who's running this ridiculous campaign, anyway?

But in the absence of another Democrat ready to step in to replace Warren (yes, we really ARE at that point now!), party hacks are desperately trying to throw Lizzy a lifeline. Though the story was actually broken by the scrappy Boston Herald, blaming Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) is central to this dubious strategy.

During today's Bill Press Show, the libtalk host and partisan operative guest tried to do just that, with especially dishonest results:

BILL PRESS (03 MAY 2012 - 31:20): If I were in Massachusetts, I’d be voting for Elizabeth Warren, but even more so now that I know she’s a Native American. What’s that whole thing about? 

ADAM GREEN: Yeah, it’s kind of absurd. You know it’s not even a scandal, a controversy I guess. 

PRESS: Scott Brown I mean is this how desperate he is?
GREEN: Totally, totally.


GREEN (33:26): It’s really important that someone like her, someone with such a distinguished record of actually, not just talking about Wall Street accountability, but doing it. You know being willing to bring Wall Street executives before her, grill them hold them accountable. Someone like that needs to be elected. It’s a really important test case and part of the reason Scott Brown is drawing up this absurd Native American issue is to distract from the other press attention that’s out there. 

Think Dems will really stand by Warren for much longer? They're almost certainly lining up alternates as we speak - bank on it.


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