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26 May 2012

Ed Schultz: Scott Walker 'May Be Criminal'


Ed Obsessed With WI Gov Takedown

What's with MSNBC's Ed Schultz and special elections?

Big Eddie has become obsessed with manipulating these contests. Remember 2010's epic US Senate vote in Massachusetts? He told radio listeners he'd "vote ten times" to keep Scott Brown from winning.

More recently, he's inserted himself into the upcoming recall election targeting Governor Scott Walker (R-WI), even through visits to the state.

Does Schultz care about the future of Wisconsin? Of course not, it's about career-building stunt opportunities, truth and ethics be damned. Another focus (as we are reminded by readers): keeping public sector union ca$h flowing into his personal bank account.

In the latest example, he's falsely claiming Walker "may be a criminal" based on not much of anything factually beyond partisan mudslinging and "progressive" smear-blogging.

Responding to earlier coverage from Mediaite, he's actually doubling-down on reckless rhetoric here. From his syndicated radio program:

ED SCHULTZ (44:45): You got it right, Mediaite, I said it. When the people go into the ballot box, into the voting booth in Wisconsin, they just have to know they may be voting for a criminal! [pause] I mean, John Nichols, is that correct?

JOHN NICHOLS, THE NATION: That's, that's what an awful lot of folks in Wisconsin are saying and, um, your key word is there may, is may. Uh, we, it's not confirmed that Gov. Walker committed crimes...

Earlier, Ed went off the deep end in another area, calling criticism of Obama "treasonous". It's just another day inside the "progressive" rubber room.


  • Special Ed loves special elections, because they are a way for him to get his name out front, & that's a big part of what is going on here. Ed is a party of 1, he cares for himself & only himself. He tried to make a name as a conservative radio host, could'nt hang, flipped sides, & grabbed all the easy money thrown at him to be a political hack. It's also why he fails at gaining any real traction as a host. Because listeners & viewers can tell in a heartbeat when you are a fraud, & he is a fraud. But there is 1 thing that he does do very well, he shows that he is a jerk & an a-hole, & the listeners & viewers can figure that out in a heartbeat as well.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 29 May, 2012 01:20  

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