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22 May 2012

Libtalker Papantonio: Cory Booker's A 'Parasite'


Lefties Once Again Eat Their Own

Just over a month ago, Newark Mayor Cory Booker was hailed as a hero for saving a woman from a raging house fire. Now, after a slight critique of Barack Obama's re-election strategy, he's become the devil incarnate. Who says liberals don't eat their own?

Salon, for example, now calls him "the surrogate from Hell".

Playing the guilt-by-association card, the far-left Think Progress site and others are pointing to long-ago campaign contributions from Bain Capital, Romney's old firm. And Chris Matthews, for his part, is predictably apoplectic.

To really go over the top, however, one of our crazed libtalk friends must be temporarily released from the rubber room. This time, the honor goes to MSNBC talking head / RFK Jr associate Mike Papantonio, who labeled Booker (who, like "Pap", is an attorney) "a parasite" during yesterday's edition of the Ed Schultz Show:

MIKE PAPANTONIO (10:05): [Newark Mayor Cory] Booker's trying to get on the radar here. Well, he's on my radar. And I'd like to tell him the same thing I tell lawyers in my firm. I tell a lawyer that a lawyer who's unwilling to aggressively work for positive social engineering is nothing more than a social parasite. That's all they are.

Memo to other "progressives": as with many other crime families, one deviation from the script is all it takes to see a career flushed down the toilet, no matter how loyal one has been in the past. Cory Booker is now a man without a movement.


  • An ambulance chasing lawyer out for social change. Now I've heard it all. It sounds like it came from the BS of John Edwards.

    By Anonymous O. V. Won, at 23 May, 2012 03:51  

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