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19 May 2012

Libtalker Randi Rhodes: Mark Levin Is A Pothead


'Progressives' Pump Up The Slime Factor

Okay, we now know the left's Smear-O-Matic machine is still functioning and set to Random Attack mode.

It's also clear desperate "progressives" will do and say anything to maliciously slime their political opponents in an election year, evidence be damned.

While discussing Obama's past drug use remains taboo or at best swept under the rug, it's perfectly okay for our lefty friends to make up crap out of thin air. And that's exactly what Randi Rhodes did to conservative talker / best-selling author Mark Levin during yesterday's syndicated / satellite radio program:

RANDI RHODES (07:33): You think that he could live in his bedroom the way he does and broadcast his show from there, never leave the house and he's not a pothead? Are you kidding me, he's not a stoner? Right!

Yeah, uh-huh, I'm down with you, Mark Levin, oh yes, oh yes baby! I get - yeah, oh I believe you have never smoked the pot you will never smoke the pot - this is why you have what, social anxiety disorder, to the point where you have like agoraphobia - you can't go out of the house - it's paranoia, honey!

Why did Randi connect Levin to drugs? It truly appears random here, coming just after (obviously frustrating) news that Travon Martin had substances in his bloodstream at time of death. The Smear-O-Matic took over from there.

What a deranged movement.


  • Randi Rhodes might want to be careful to not piss off a lawyer with a mean streak. I personallyt want to see Levin sue her for defamation & take her to the cleaners. Do it Mark, take her down.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 19 May, 2012 19:42  

  • I doubt Mark would give Rhodes the time of day. Rhodes is already looked at as a crackpot even in the mainstream community, so Mark shouldn't have to waste his time with this idiot. Frankly, if he does this, he can actually make Rhodes more popular. Best to let idiots stay idiots without martyrizing said idiocy.

    By Blogger Jonah Kyle, at 20 May, 2012 14:10  

  • Hey Jonah, if I remember hearing Randi correctly several months ago, I don't even think Joy Behar likes her. You can't get any lower on the food chain that that.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 May, 2012 15:02  

  • Post Rhodes ranting that Zimmerman fell down and broke his nose or injured himself. Rhodes still spews that the person calling out for help is Trayvon. She always cherry picks facts. If Trayvon backed off Zimmerman when Zimmerman started to call for help Trayvon would still be alive. Zimmerman who we now know is about 5'8" 170lbs. is not going to pounce on a muscular 6'3" man.
    Nobody is taking sides but it is frustrating when idiots like Randi Rhodes spews endless B.S.
    Listen to Rhodes show 3-26-12 when she claimed police cover-up. Or the week between 3-20 thu 3-27 Over & over she said Zimmerman was a 250 hulking beast,and he was lying about his broken nose & head injuries. Even after the photos proved Zimmerman was telling the truth Rhodes continued to spew her looney side. How many times is she going to sound like a fool by always saying she is never wrong and that she has flawless instincts. Rhodes can't stand to be proven wrong and that she has the audicity to say, she never said something idiotic, when there are recordings of her shows as proof. Randi Rhodes has a warped mind, she is a fast talker but a slow thinker.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21 May, 2012 16:48  

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