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22 May 2012

Longtime Boston Globe Columnist: Everyone In Oklahoma Claims Indian Ancestry


Esquire's Pierce Blames Herald For Warren Mess

Now we know why the Boston Globe is so reluctant to cover Elizabeth Warren's Fauxcahontas scandal: it thinks the whole mess is a sinister plot concocted by its tabloid rival!

That's the take expressed by longtime Globie Charlie Pierce, who recently left the infamous Boring Broadsheet for Esquire Magazine. With his strong ties to the paper's snooty regime, there's little doubt it's the same mantra repeated in the newsroom: blame the Herald!

Get a load of these ridiculous excuses Pierce used during Tuesday's Stephanie Miller Show:

Marco Rubio did the same thing (!?!?!?)

Everybody in Oklahoma claims Native American ancestry, so it's OK in OK!

The Boston Herald has a racist agenda ("ugly subtext")

Warren never actually lied about her background, she only "mentioned it from time to time" and didn't personally benefit from claiming Cherokee ancestry (per Esquire)

Listen for yourself:

STEPHANIE MILLER: Charlie, you have to clue me in, because I’m late to this game, ah the Indian wars and Elizabeth Warren’s problem. You know I’ve heard Rush Limbaugh make a joke or two, but tell us what’s going on. You said the Boston Herald led the paper and said it’s probably too late for the states Democrats to abandon Warren over this scandal?

CHARLIE PIERCE, ESQUIRE: Yeah this is the, and I speak as a former employee of that fine publication, this has been their little tin drum that they’ve been beating. Apparently at some point or another repeating what I believe to be family lore, which is pretty much the same as Marco Rubio did, Elizabeth Warren claimed to be like one thirty second Cherokee and it’s not even entirely clear that she ever did it.

It’s been claimed for her by various institutions at which she’s worked and the [Boston] Herald has turned this into sort of an anti-Affirmative Action crusade. And it’s you know there’s a really kind of ugly subtext to it.

LAVOIE: And it’s actually hurting her.

PIERCE: Frankly I haven’t met anybody in my life from Oklahoma who doesn’t claim some Indian ancestry. I just don’t.

Interestingly, none other than MSNBC libtalker Ed Schultz believes Warren needs to answer questions arising from the scandal.

Here's the BIG question for Pierce and his "bow-tied bum-kissing" (Howie Carr reference) Globie friends: since it's still only May, how will Lizzy survive the next damning revelations that are sure to emerge? Her credibility is already shot.


  • The claims of Poco-Hauntus come from a lying liberal (sorry to be redundant).

    By Anonymous Chief Read Bull, at 25 May, 2012 12:07  

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