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08 May 2012

MSNBC's Papantonio: Romney's A Nuclear Madman


Libtalker Declares Nuclear War On Romney

Are there any original ideas left in politics?

As they continue to road-test campaign tactics, our enlightened, always civil libtalk friends are recycling ancient scare tactics. The latest: "progressive" MSNBC contributor / radio host / trial lawyer Mike Papantonio has reached into LBJ's 1964 playbook to portray Mitt Romney as a nuclear madman.

It's O-tomic warfare!

Attempting to restrain his giggling at one point, "Pap" seems to know his rhetoric is absurd. But that doesn't stop the Romney = Goldwater mantra from being chanted several times during the Ed Schultz Show (where he's a regular TV / radio fill-in host).

From Friday's syndicated radio broadcast:

MIKE PAPANTONIO (19:03, initially referring to caller): Will, I gotta tell you, this is an important election. It's not just about the economy. I am telling you. Imagine, imagine a, a, a big mushroom cloud in the background of Mitt Romney every time you look at him, because he has surrounded himself with people who would do that in a second.


PAPANTONIO (28:46): When I see this guy give a speech, I visualize a mushroom cloud behind his head, because that's what he's about! I mean, if you think about it, that's what he's about!

And here's LBJ's infamous, yet highly effective 1964 anti-Goldwater ad:

Watch for more of this kind of rhetoric to be woven into O's campaign over the coming weeks.


  • No new ideas, Brian? No, the left in this country have a very old playbook. Actually, if you look at what they propose, you can find most of what they want to do in the 10 Pillars of Communism while at the same time fighting what's writen in the US constitution & our Bill of Rights. Go through the "Communist Manifesto", "Mao's Little Red Book", & "Rules for Radicals", & you will understand everything being done right now by Obama.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 10 May, 2012 21:40  

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