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15 May 2012

Rush Limbaugh Inducted Into Missouri Hall Of Fame


Flap Over MO Honor Just Beginning


If the plan was to drive our "progressive" friends absolutely nuts ahead of election day, then (so far, at least) it's a resounding success.

drives lefties batty like positive developments in the life and career of arch-nemesis Rush Limbaugh. As they're still furious over the mere continuation of his program, yesterday's surprise honor at Missouri's State Capitol has the potential to send more than a few over the edge.

It was enough to distract the left's Smear Machine for a few hours before reverting to the usual mindless gay-baiting and other slimy tactics.

El Rushbo's induction into the Hall of Famous Missourians was closed to the public and kept secret until his bust was unveiled to attendees and the media. That sent Democratic legislators into a tizzy, but how else could this be done given substantial security risks?

Dems were quick with ridiculous spin, according to KMOX:

“It is quite clear from their handling of the Limbaugh ceremony that Republicans were ashamed of what they were doing and wanted as few people as possible to witness it. When you take great steps to hide what you’re doing, it usually means that you know what you’re doing is wrong,” said House Assistant Democratic Leader Tishaura Jones, D-St. Louis.

According to press reports, President Harry Truman, Mark Twain, Walt Disney, George Washington Carver and Stan Musial are already featured at the Capitol.

If you're ready for a wager, let's guess how long it will take before "progressives" try to attack the statue or remove it from the hall.

But the bottom line is clear: Rush Limbaugh truly IS one of the most famous individuals to emerge from the state of Missouri, more than justifying his presence there.


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