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16 May 2012

Sharpton BLASTS Black Pastors For Ditching Obama


Reverend Furious Over Gay Marriage Defections

If the SS Obama sinks in November, Al Sharpton may just go down with the ship. Is he ready?

To the point of political abandonment, the president's sudden gay marriage flip-flop has some African-American pastors feeling burned, but that has the Reverend hopping mad. The MSNBC prime-time propagandist sees their withdrawal of Obamist support as traitorous disloyalty.

The bottom line: while pastors adhere to a set of moral beliefs, Al places partisan politics above all else.

During yesterday's syndicated radio show, Sharpton lashed out at blacks who stood by Bill Clinton during the Lewinsky mess but are now ditching the Dear Leader.

Funny, we don't recall Sharpton criticizing Clinton at the time for his "sin", do you?

Yes, there was left-wing unity behind Bubba, but now that's been recast as "slobbering" support. So it's hard to understand how Sharpton can consider himself above-board here.

From yesterday's Keeping It Real With Reverend Al Sharpton:

AL SHARPTON (16:21): When I start hearing people say I disagree with his [Obama] position I’m all right with that, I respect that there are things we can disagree with. But when I hear them say they’re not going to vote cause we prayed for him, I saw black ministers, the same one you naming get around and lay hands and pray for Bill Clinton, when Bill Clinton we know committed a sin and we still voted for him and prayed for him.

So what is the difference in this man [Obama] taking a position and an opinion, not committing the act, just saying I’m all right with the legal right for people to do this and people that have committed acts, we didn’t do that to. That’s why I say a lot of these guys are hypocrites. They had prayer meetings for Bill Clinton! Some of the same ones you talking about. Prayer meetings! Got on their knees slobbered and rolling down the floor to keep him on office, when they were trying to impeach him.

Al, we sure hope this guy is worth it, because you've gone all-in here, leaving no chips on the table for the next hand.


  • That seems so racist for Rev. Not-So-Sharpton to criticize only black pastors for not supporting our first gay president. Thanks for all your work trying to keep the Left in check. Love your attention to Ed Schultz, who flip flopped from right to left after meeting his second wife. Thanks, Johnnny

    By Blogger Johnnny, at 17 May, 2012 09:12  

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