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18 May 2012

VP's Son Makes Same 'O'Biden' Blunder Palin Was Slammed For


Slips Seem To Run In The Family

In the Biden family, the gaffe-le doesn't seem to fall far from the tree.

At a time when Vice President Joe Biden slips up verbally almost daily, his son is now getting into the act as well. Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, at one time considered a rising star in politics, couldn't seem to get the words out of his mouth during an interview yesterday with Ed Schultz.

The kicker: he made the same blunder that caused (predictable lefty) ridicule for Sarah Palin back in 2008, the "O'Biden" flub.

From yesterday's syndicated Ed Schultz Show:

BEAU BIDEN (04:13): well, you know, look, I'm down here in the Commonwealth of Virginia, down in your old neck of the woods here. I'm actually across the water here in Portsmouth and on my way to Norfolk and we're here with the national director of the Veteran and Military Families for O'Biden launch, for, uh, Obama launch.

And here's Palin's 2008 slip-up:

We're (quite safely) guessing the media establishment with give the junior Biden a pass here. But the real question is whether Beau will also emulate Joe's more recent "crazy guy on the warpath" routine.

As noted by Rush Limbaugh yesterday:

RUSH LIMBAUGH: I played some sound bites of Joe Biden yesterday. He literally lost it. Just lost control, and it sounds that way. When you see the video -- we're gonna play the sound bites again with a couple of new ones -- when you see Biden saying what you're going to hear, he looks off balance, out of kilter, not all there in the eyes.

It is the strangest, strangest thing. And everybody was talking about it yesterday. Was he doing it on purpose? What's he up to here?

One of the theories is that Biden is genuinely fearful that they're gonna get rid of him, and he's doing everything he can to stay on the ticket.

In fact, that theory has it that Biden purposely went on Meet the Press and said that as far as the administration is concerned, same-sex marriage is totally acceptable to us now, totally fine. I have no problem with it. And of course we've now heard that that was not planned, and that this forced poor old Obama's hand because Obama really wasn't through evolving.

But this sped up Obama's evolving. Because Obama had already reached his decision. He let the cat out of the bag to Robin Roberts. He had already reached his decision. He just didn't want to announce it now. He wanted to announce it either before the convention or sometime this summer to get more bang out of it.

No question, this is one bizarre family.


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