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29 May 2012

WH Reporters Gush Over Obama's Drug Use


POTUS Scribes In Ecstasy Over O's Drug Revelations

What's the difference between White House correspondents and drug-addled Obama supporters? Quite a bit less than you might believe.

At the very least, they do apparently hang out together.

Clearly exhibiting advanced cases of Beltway-itis (symptoms include hallucinations that make the president still appear hip, effective and popular), we caught two longtime POTUS scribes raving about recent revelations of major drug use during O's Hawaii years.

During today's edition of The Bill Press Show (with the host away), former Politico reporter-turned-Sirius XM host Julie Mason (The POTUS Channel) and current Roll Call writer Meredith Shiner couldn't seem to get enough of the Dear Leader's new-found coolness boost:

JULIE MASON, XM HOST / FORMER POLITICO WH REPORTER (30:37): Apparently President Obama went around when he was in his twenties would often effect a sarong on a Sunday to do the crossword puzzle.


MASON: It’s re-energizing the base.

SHINER: I mean you gotta find a way.

MASON: Really every revelation about President Obama intercepting joints at parties my Democratic friends are like, 'I could not love him more,' right? But what does Romney have, he doesn’t have anything.

What's next, will the once-staid Roll Call merge with High Times? Could C-Span make room for Cheech & Chong movies? At this point, would anyone notice the difference?


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