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06 June 2012

Al Sharpton: GOP Fraud Stole Wisconsin Election


Rev Al: WI Vote A Trial Run For November Election Theft

Issuing a call to arms, an angry Reverend Al Sharpton today claimed Republicans utilized fraudulent tactics to win yesterday's gubernatorial recall vote in Wisconsin.

Claiming the results "emboldened the right-wing", the MSNBC host told radio listeners it was a mere trial run for widespread vote theft designed to steal November's presidential election outright.

Comparing their loss to a boxing match, Sharpton told supporters they could either remain "groggy" after a hit on the head or "double-down and get ready to fight"

From today's Keeping It Real With The Reverend Al Sharpton:

AL SHARPTON: This Wisconsin recall election, I think I did my commentary from the Washington DC office this morning. It really is a wake-up call because despite that fact that clearly money was one of the main factors, it’s not going anywhere by November.

If anything, I think that it has emboldened the right wing, it has emboldened these billionaires. There was all kinds of voter-suppression schemes from ID [card required to vote], to not letting students vote and registration. It almost was a test run for what they’re going to do in November.

The question is what are we going to do about it? We can either act like it means nothing and it’s like in a fight and you got your head hit and you're groggy and you’re going to be in denial, or you’re going to admit that someone hit you hard, clear your head and let’s double-down and get ready to fight.

So, Reverend, what kind of response should we expect? Will it stay within the bounds of the law?


  • "So, Reverend, what kind of response should we expect? Will it stay within the bounds of the law?" ~ Not if Sharpton and his cronies have their way

    By Blogger Mari, at 06 June, 2012 19:24  

  • Tuesday's election, just like the 2010 election, was indeed a trial run for 2012. The Tea Party is reclaiming Sweet America from the "progressive" liberal mob that hijacked it.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 06 June, 2012 21:34  

  • Sharpton is a race pimp, that sees racism under every rock, except black rocks.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 06 June, 2012 22:02  

  • Where was this whore when Franken "won?"

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 07 June, 2012 06:46  

  • I live in Wisconsin. I voted for Walker. Al, who doesn't live here and can't vote here, has decided either I'm too stupid to know what's best for me or someone slipped me a twenty on my way into the poll. What galls me here is Al is saying democracy and the decision of the people of this state are wrong because he doesn't agree with it. You are a Reverend, Al, not God.

    By Blogger Chip Ramsey, at 07 June, 2012 08:20  

  • What is funny is the Rev Al is claming that the Republicans were using timed honored Democratic measures to change the vote in Wisconsin. Hum, "Vote early, vote often!" was a and continues to be a standard Democratic Party motto. Oh, by the way Rev Al...did you forget which political Party passed the Jim Crow Laws in the South, or which political Party held the Deep South during Segregation until the 1980s? Oh also; don't forget the last major city to desegregate its' school systems was not in the South but in that DEMOCRATIC bastion known as BOSTON in the 1980s

    By Anonymous John Fitz, at 07 June, 2012 11:37  

  • Try harder Al, much harder.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 08 June, 2012 02:57  

  • Is voter ID racist because blacks are too stupid and too lazy to get ID that they need for welfare, driving, check cashing, smokes, & booze OR

    Because felons and those with warrants out for their arrest dont want to carry ID?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 08 June, 2012 17:16  

  • Al you are a jerk. I won't even call you reverend Al because no racist should be called by that name. They should call you by your real name. A black racist PERIOD.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 09 June, 2012 20:41  

  • 1 problem the Dems have is with polling data. We have 3 types of polls, in order...

    1. Polls taken by pollsters leading up to an election.

    2. The actual vote by voters at the polling place.

    3. Exit polls

    ...only #2 matters. Problem is the Dems think 3 should dictate 2. If in Wisconsin, there were union thugs being used as Dem poll moniters, no union member who hates what their union is doing will probably lie to the person conducting the exit poll. So when Wolf Blizter & Ed Schultz were exited & hopeful about Walker losing wghen exit polls were saying it was within 1 or 2, when it was really 8 or 9 in favor of Walker, you now know why the leftists think that there was voter fraud.

    I also think there is more then a bit of projection going on here.

    By Anonymous danybhoy, at 11 June, 2012 23:44  

  • Oh,Boy.I am glad to see that some things do remain the same.He has always been a "cheap hack" a simple minded racist,and a "cheap trick".He would sell and speak falsehoods about his mother if he thought it would give him a platform to yap.The shame is that african-americans embrace a s**t like him.

    By Blogger angel, at 12 June, 2012 21:30  

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