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20 August 2012

Libtalkers Fret Over Fluff 'Reporters' With Obama Access


'Progressive' Loyalty Goes Unrewarded

He sucked-up to the president for four years and all he got was this lousy coffee mug!

As it becomes clear Obama would rather hang out with entertainment "reporters" and Hollywood celebs than answer real questions about his policies, let's shed a tear today for our shunned "progressive" friends. George Clooney is apparently far more appealing.

Leading the sob-brigade today was libtalker Bill Press, who lamented the Dear Leader's mistreatment despite having dutifully attended daily media briefings at the White House. As Press could easily be considered the most loyal of lefty talkers, public criticism of Obama is highly unusual.

From today's syndicated radio / CurrentTV-aired program:

BILL PRESS (4:15): So, President Obama he’s not doing any interviews for the hardworking serious Reporters like me that go to the briefings every day. Instead he’s giving interviews to like Entertainment Tonight and of course when you give interviews to Entertainment tonight you get asked the serious questions like do you and George Clooney talk on the cell phone very often.

[After Entertainment Tonight audio plays]

Yeah okay so he’s got my, obviously he’s [Clooney] got his cell phone number but he doesn’t use it much huh?

OGBURN: Do you love how Obama puts it? He’s [Clooney] very sensitive about not bothering me you know I mean you know. He talked about it the way that you know like a dating couple would talk. He knows I’m very busy and she doesn’t bother me at work yeah you know she respects that.

PRESS: Ha ha ha. But, anytime she wants to call.

OGBURN: Yeah, she knows I’m always there for her.

PRESS: Okay, he’s [Obama] not the only one to have a man crush on George Clooney.

Not only is this rare criticism from a libtalker, but it's the kind of language that could get a conservative host in a bit of trouble. Suggesting Obama and Clooney are some kind of an item? From the left? We are truly navigating uncharted waters.


  • So if you write-in Britney Spears does Obama get the vote? Inquiring minds want to know!

    By Anonymous Fester, at 24 August, 2012 03:52  

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