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31 August 2012

Sharpton: Clint Eastwood Offensive To President


Rev Al Steps In To Protect O's Feelings

Even as the SS Soetoro begins its fateful plunge into the sea, at least one friend appears willing to go down with the ship: the Reverend Al Sharpton. If nothing else, he's loyal.

Clint Eastwood's unscripted, hilarious performance at last night's RNC Convention hit just a bit too close to home for the good rev. During today's Keeping It Real With Reverend Al Sharpton, he called Dirty Harry's speech "offensive" and "demeaning".

First, the already-infamous presentation:

Though lefties
have been griping about Clint's performance all day, leave it to Al to add his trademarked race card.

For a real knee-slapper, however, we direct your attention to his assertion President Bush never would have been treated this way. Where do we begin to pick that apart?

Here it is:

AL SHARPTON (31 August 01:04:20): the speech, acceptance speech by Mitt Romney probably better delivered as a performer then I thought, but with some very interesting points including a moment that as I said when he talks about we need an American to do great things, was that his birther moment again?

The bizarre and embarrassing and ridiculous and insulting and offensive statement skit whatever you want to call it by Clint Eastwood.

I don’t understand how in a moment of hour primetime where you get to make your case to the country on why you should be president you put up an old actor who offends the presidency referring to the worst of searing words and comes out of this kind of disrespectful bag and that’s what you want to show the country that you want to be President. Well maybe that I who you are.

I mean the Clint Eastwood thing was so demeaning. Imagine if President Obama had an aging actor get up and put an empty chair there and start referring to profanity and all about President Bush or even a presidential candidate what the reaction would be.

A real offensive presentation and then Marc Rubio got up and followed the form of the Republican Convention, he got up talked about Marc Rubio.

You want bizarre?
Just wait until Boston Mayor-For-Life Tom Menino addresses Democrats next week. You'll need a translator to understand a word of it.


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