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30 August 2012

Spitzer: Chris Christie's 'A Buffoon'


Libs Furious Over Convention Success

Welcome to 2012, where our "progressive" friends no longer merely disagree with Republicans, but are furious that an opposition party still exists and dares to hold a convention.

Time to hire Putin for some consulting work?

Tracking the left's moaning and groaning over the surprisingly-compelling GOP gathering is overwhelming, but we've added many libtalk highlights to our YouTube channel which can be found here. Clips are uploaded frequently, so be sure to subscribe if you haven't already done so.

Here are two that stand out: disgraced former Governor Eliot Spitzer (D-NY) shamelessly calling New Jersey Governor Chris Christie "a buffoon" and libtalker Thom Hartmann comparing convention-goers to "cockroaches".

Have a look:

BILL PRESS (29 August 2012 - 42:54): So, I must tell you I was ready for a real barnburner from Chris Christie and I was really disappointed. He didn't rise to the occasion I thought. what was your take?

ELIOT SPITZER: I though his speech was flat I thought it was predictable pandering there was nothing it in keeping with the rest of the evening in terms of its sophistry and compete delusional claims of economic theory and if Chris Christie is supposed to be some better orator completely missed me completely totally missed me. I just thought he was a buffoon.


SPITZER (43:46):
Look I thought the best speech of the evening by far was Ann Romney’s. I thought hers was a good speech. I thought the rest were absolutely abominable in terms of their just rank falsehoods pandering and I’m glad to see it is a bit early so I haven’t seen as many editorials on stuff as I want, but boy at least the New York Times calls them out on sheer lies and distortions.

PRESS: Yeah right no exactly.

And from Thom Hartmann's syndicated libtalk program:

THOM HARTMANN (1:58): Mother Earth seems to be saying [to Republicans], 'You know all that money you're taking from the fossil-fuel industry...and not just you, by the way, but all the TV networks that are down there covering you and sucking up to you...they're taking that same money in the form of hundreds of millions of dollars of advertising.'

HARTMANN (2:50): They shut down the first day [of the RNC]. They'll be back tomorrow. Nothing stops them. It's like cockroaches.

And we suppose they won't mind a dose of criticism aimed at their convention next week, right?


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