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19 August 2012

Violent 'Progressive' Language Follows DC Shootings


Could Rabid Rants Spark Next Shooting Spree?

It's a question we've often been asked: why bother keeping tabs on lefty talk hosts with small audiences?

Our answer has never changed: all it takes is one or two crackpot listeners to cause innocent people to get hurt. And given nationwide availability via satellite radio and the Internet, libtalkers are not as obscure as some believe.

After a disturbing shooting incident at the Family Research Council's DC headquarters earlier this week, the issue should now be settled for good. Though we're not blaming "progressive" talkers for the attack, their giddy response could encourage further violent, anti-conservative attacks. And for that reason, it's necessary to keep close tabs on their hate speech.

How many listeners does Mike Malloy have? The better question is this: what kind of person agrees with his unhinged rants? Would you want a Malloy listener living in your neighborhood?

Below, see his response to the FRC shootings. Should this really be ignored?

MIKE MALLOY (06:24): ya filthy, filthy right-wing bastards! You're going too far! You really are going too far! One of these days somebody's going to go berserk and walk into one of your filthy holes of religious insanity with a gun! Oh! I think that happened today! [Referring to shootings at the Family Research Council's DC office]


MALLOY (06:53):
so this is what the fanatics - these filthy, degenerate gutter Christians are doing. They would happily sacrifice this 10-year old child in order to save their goddamn fetus!


MALLOY (07:32):
and that's the only thing that mattered to this filthy, gutter, stinking corpse-eating, filthy anti-abortion movement. I - I cannot come up with harsh enough or strong enough language about these -these - these scum. A 10-year old! Goddamn you people, you have 10-year old daughters, what would you do what would you do?

How about you, Tony Perkins, you got a 10-year old daughter, you ever had one? Supposing your brother raped her and impregnated her and she was 10 - what would you do, Tony Perkins? You filthy swine!


MALLOY (08:36):
it’s a council of a bunch of Christian corpse-eaters!


MALLOY (09:01):
you know this has gotta be a conservative! Liberals hate guns! We hate 'em! So this had to be a conservative who walked in with a six-hour, 9 millimeter handgun pulled it from his backpack!

If conservative groups want to avoid being the next "progressive" target, it's time to overlook tiny ratings and instead focus on the extreme physical danger their fringe element poses.


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