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17 September 2012

Eliot Spitzer: Bush To Blame For Mideast Meltdown


Dem Says What Other Libs Think

Hey, what took so long?

Back when our "progressive" friends were fired up in OUTRAGE!!!! over just about everything, blaming George W Bush for the world's troubles was reflexive, instinctive and instantaneous.

Now that Obama has sucked the life out of their movement for his own selfish political purposes, however, it takes days to sort out the proper message.

But the bottom line hasn't changed: every conflict, famine or global woe is still W's fault. The only challenge is in connecting the dots.

Thankfully, the left
now has Eliot Spitzer handy to save the day. During the most recent edition of Both Sides Now with Huffington & Matalin, the disgraced former New York governor made the case for Bush Administration perma-blame:

ELIOT SPITZER (13:46): George Bush's neo-con worldview caused more harm to this nation and more harm in the Middle East than one can imagine, and, unfortunately, Mitt Romney, weathervane, Etch a Sketch, feckless individual that he is, continues to surround himself with the same people who made every conceivable error when it came to foreign policy.

For resurrecting the
tired "neo-con" phrase, Eliot scores extra "progressive" points. Even more for the O-approved Romney tie-in.

Next time, Number Nine, don't forget to add "military-industrial complex" for a bonus happy face sticker on your chart!


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