The Radio Equalizer: Brian Maloney

30 October 2004

Massachusetts Politics: Where The GOP Can Only Improve

While it certainly looks as though Massachusetts will return an all-Demo group to Congress once again this year, the state's GOP may be moving things in the right direction for the future. There was a concerted effort to get more credible state legislature candidates running this year, with funds and support, which should pay off on Tuesday.

One issue benefiting the Mass GOP candidates is gay marriage. Despite the high profile liberals in the state pushing the issue along with the state Supreme Court, gay marriage remains exceptionally unpopular amongst the constituencies. Demo legislators on record supporting it are hearing from angry groups of voters. It could decide some races Tuesday.

Some politicians who are facing just token opposition this year, Rep. Barney Frank as an example, are running expensive ad campaigns touting their records. Frank's are particularly shameless.

Why? If Kerry wins on Tuesday, there will be a Demo free-for-all for an open Senate seat. Watch Mass. Democrats kill each other trying to grab it if the unthinkable happens on Tuesday.


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