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09 January 2005

The Gregoire Yukfest Continues- is She a Comedian?

The laughs just don't quit this weekend as election-thief Christine Gregoire laments that -- get this -- voters didn't get to know her well enough despite spending millions on ads:

(Seattle Times)

OLYMPIA — After 12 years as attorney general, Christine Gregoire spent more than a year and $6 million to tell voters why she should be their next governor.

There was a constant stream of television commercials showing everything from her as a tot on a pony to her position on stem-cell research.

But even before the race ended in a dead heat with Republican Dino Rossi, it was clear an important message had been lost.

"I don't think in the end voters ever really got to know Chris Gregoire."

No, "Chris", the voters did know you well, that's exactly why you didn't do so well in the election, which led to your need to steal it through fraudulent means. Otherwise Dino Rossi would not have been able to pull in so many Democrats and independents.

You scare the pants off of people, "Chris", because you represent everything about lawyers that the public doesn't like. Since the election you have continued to behave that very same way.


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