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02 January 2005

Lefties Want Payback Straight Away

Far-left activist groups who financed the third statewide hand count of ballots in Washington State's stolen gubernatorial election expect immediate payback from Democrat Christine Gregoire:

(Seattle Times)

OLYMPIA — If Christine Gregoire can hold off a potential Republican legal challenge and take her oath as governor Jan. 12, liberal Democrats will be awaiting her thanks and expecting even more.

The unprecedented statewide hand recount of the governor's race was paid for in part by donations from the left wing of the Democratic Party, attracted to Gregoire only in near-defeat. They saw her drawn-out struggle with Republican Dino Rossi as a surrogate for the battles they had hoped to wage on behalf of first Al Gore, then John Kerry, in their close races with George W. Bush.

Now the left is hoping Gregoire repays the favor by striking a more progressive tone. At the very least, they hope a Gregoire administration will be more open to supporting their issues than her campaign was.

"Gregoire should not expect a honeymoon. And if she's smart she'll be consulting with, not alienating, those who defended her right to be governor," said Bill Moyer, founder of the Backbone Campaign, a liberal group based here that has been pushing the state and national Democratic Party to the left.

If Gregoire enters office as governor, she will owe so many people so much, it will just add to the miserable conditions she can expect to face. Half the electorate didn't vote for her, she won the office due to, at best, incompetence and at worst, outright fraud. She cost the state millions as an inept attorney general due to missed court filing deadlines. Many voters were nervous about her, including a number of Democrats. It's not a recipe for a successful governorship.


  • "Stolen" election. Right. Get a clue, retard. Speak sense. I know that you are capable of it. By the way, I am the only one who reads your blog (apparently) and only because I found you to be such an annoyance when you were on KIRO. It's not that I disrespect conservative opinion. It's simply that this is not what I am hearing from you. All I hear is spin. Kowtow to Rush and hope for the best, but all you are doing is parroting the talking points that have come down from on high. It doesn't make for exciting radio, or an interesting blog.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 03 January, 2005 02:19  

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