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23 February 2005

WA: Felon Vote Count 1108 and Rising

Dino Rossi and the WA GOP are making sure the stolen election stays in the headlines as the legal challenge pushes forward. Most of these ex-cons illegally voted in King County:

(AP Via KATU-TV Portland)

OLYMPIA, Wash. - Republicans say they have so far identified one-thousand-108 felons who allegedly voted illegally in Washington's general election last November.

Dino Rossi, the failed Republican candidate for governor, is challenging in court the election of Democratic Governor Christine Gregoire, who one by just 129 votes after three counts of near three million ballots.

Rossi says illegal votes and election workers' errors tainted the election results. He's pushing for a new election.

Republicans say it's enough to show that the number of illegally cast ballots is greater than the 129-vote margin of victory.

Meanwhile, the Seattle Times continues its quest to try to legitimize Christine Gregoire's rule, with a report on a day in her gubernatorial life:

(Seattle Times- Ralph Thomas)

OLYMPIA — One of the tricks to being governor, it seems, is learning how to say no without really saying no, and learning how to say yes without really saying yes.

There were few definitive nos or yeses last week when Democratic Gov. Christine Gregoire allowed The Seattle Times to follow her around for a day.

During one appearance, for instance, Seattle City Councilwoman Jean Godden asked the governor if she'd support strict California-style emissions standards for cars.

"I'm favorably inclined to the bill," Gregoire responded.


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