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06 March 2005

Euro Conspiracy Theorists Have a Field Day

The accidental shooting of freed Italian hostage Guiliana Sgrena has European conspiracy theorists in overdrive this weekend. Their claim, if you haven't already heard, is that American troops deliberately fired on her vehicle to prevent her from leaving Iraq. Others have a very different version of events.

Whereas in our society, fringe conspiracy peddlers are mostly kept to the margins, in Europe they write for England's (former Manchester) Guardian newspaper and serve in the Italian Parliament as Communist Party members.

Of course, we do have a few House members from California that qualify in this category, but that's another story.

Michelle Malkin has the best roundup of developments on the story here.

If not for the incident this officially would have qualified for the slowest news weekend in history.


  • Look...if we were truly trying to kill an old lady who was driving through the streets of Iraq with little protection in an old beat-up car...we would have killed her.

    More of the same anti-American rhetoric she's been fostering all along.

    By Blogger Robbie, at 07 March, 2005 17:41  

  • Exactly, Robbie.

    Did you notice the American media doesn't mention her Communist Party background? She has it in for the USA and makes no bones about it.

    By Blogger Brian Maloney, at 07 March, 2005 18:17  

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